NPTEL on-line certification courses



NPTEL is a joint initiative of IITs and IISc that offers on-line courses and certification in various topics. It is our pleasure to inform you that NPTEL has accorded FISAT with the status of a local chapter thereby enabling FISAT with the facility to offer e-learning through on-line Web and Video courses in Engineering, Science and Humanities streams.

The next run of NPTEL on-line certification courses will commence on 18th July 2016, comprising of 10 hours, 20 hours and 30 hours courses across disciplines. Students may start enrolling/joining for courses from 1st June 2016  until 18th July 2016.

Course Duration

10 hr course

4 weeks

20 hr course

8 weeks

30 hr course

12 weeks



10 hrs

20 hrs

30 hrs

Start of course /

End of course

18th July 2016 /

9th September 2016

18th July 2016 /

12th August 2016

18th July 2016 /

7th October 2016

Exam dates

18th & 25thSeptember 2016

18th & 25thSeptember 2016

16th & 23rd October 2016

Open enrollment to the course

1st June 2016 onwards

1st June 2016 onwards

1st June 2016 onwards

Close enrollment to the course

18th July 2016

18th July 2016

18th July 2016


The list of courses scheduled for July is attached.


For any clarifications regarding the above you may contact Ms. Reshmi R, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE.