IDEA - EIE Students Association

Department of Electronics and Instrumentation proudly announces TECHATHON - a Mega technical fest on 24-26th April 2017. For details visit our website

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Instrumentation`s Dextrous Etudiants Association started by the Electronics and Instrumentation Department of FISAT has been aiming at the development of technical and non-technical skills of each and every student of the department. With the introduction of Reader`s Forum we hope to develop the reading skills of the students and impart them the latest advancements in the field of instrumentation, along with this we also have started an Electronics Hobby Club which focuses on developing the basic laboratory skills of the students and their ideas by providing an appropriate platform and giving them practical exposure. Also by publishing INSTRON we aim at bringing out the writing skills and also the technical knowledge of the students and also to provide encouragement to them.

We hope that the aims and objectives of IDEA will be fulfilled by the co-operation and Support of every student and staff member of the Department.

Staff-in-Charge : Ms. Sheffy Thomas, Asst. Professor, EIE Dept.