Interdisciplinary Research Cell (IRC)

Today the scopes for interdisciplinary research activities are increasing. One directional approaches are not adequate to solve some of the biggest challenges in the world. So there is a need for having several distinct approaches, often involving multiple streams of research. In this context a new Interdisciplinary Research Cell (IRC) is started for providing a platform for discussion among faculty/research scholars for sharing facilities and ideas. The following criteria’s of the IRC are assessable periodically.

1. Importance of Interdisciplinary research activities to institute overall mission

2. Funding obtained by departments for interdisciplinary research

3. Paper publications (SCI/SCIE expanded)/Patents

4. Research activities with industry partners/other institutions.

5. Participation of Ph.D Students in technology-driven companies/institutions

6. Attraction of highly talented faculty/scientists and Research Scholars to pursue Ph.D in interdisciplinary research areas

7. Contribution to public/society

8. Number of Ph.D students guided/enrolled by the departments engaged in interdisciplinary research activities.

Interdisciplinary Research Cell is formed with the approved KTU research supervisors of FISAT as members. IRC, has attracted many faculty of our institute to pursue their Ph.D under KTU.