NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) is the modal for promotion of online certification courses among student community. NPTEL is a joint initiative of IITs and IISc. Through this initiative NPTEL offers on-line courses and certification in various topics, through on-line Web and Video courses in Engineering, Science and Humanities streams.

NPTEL has accorded FISAT with the status of local chapter. As an integral part of it, we are hosting NPTEL one day workshop, jointly organized by IIT-Madras and FISAT on 20th July 2017.

The aim of NPTEL workshops is to create maximum awareness among faculty members about the programme and implementation of technology enhanced learning in the classroom and beyond. The workshop will include sessions on NPTEL and its features, NPTEL Online Certification courses and the concept of NPTEL Local Chapter. The faculty are aware of NPTEL and how it can be used, and can take it back to the Heads of their institutions for implementation in the best way to benefit their students. These members can also have a session with their students, where they can explain about NPTEL to them.

In accordance with NPTEL guidelines, we request you to nominate a team of 3 participants from your esteemed institution. It is advisable to nominate the team comprising department head/senior faculty, NPTEL coordinator(if any)/faculty and librarian.


All participants are eligible for travel allowance aganist valid travel documents.

Travel Reimbursement Rules:

  1. Travel fare will be reimbursed only with the submission of tickets. This is mandatory.

  2. Original onward train ticket/ bus ticket and photocopy of return ticket should be provided for travel reimbursement.

  3. Travel allowance for all participants will be reimbursed towards the end of the workshop.

  4. Only round trip fare from the participant’s institution to FISAT will be reimbursed. Maximum permissible distance (one way) for reimbursement is 100km (unless prior approval is sought from the concerned IIT/IISc).

Bus travel:

For local participants, bus fare from/to city will be reimbursed.

Using personal car:

Participants traveling by their own car should remit a copy of their RC book, driving license and should declare the distance travelled. They will be paid Rs 12/km.

Travel by Train

For those traveling by train, the reimbursement will be equivalent to the II A/C train fares from the participant’s city to the city of the host institute.

Local Conveyance

Local conveyance (railway/bus station to venue of workshop) will be reimbursed only on production of taxi/auto receipt.

Please Note: For half-day workshops, do not reimburse participants for accommodation.

For any clarifications/queries contact the below numbers.

1. 9846599777

2. 9446719306

or mail to