Our Founder Chairman



Adv. P. V. Mathew (1953 - 2017) (Founder Chairman)

Adv. P.V. Mathew (fondly called Mathew Sir) was the founder chairman of Federal Institute of Science And Technology (FISAT). Mathew Sir's dynamic leadership, futuristic vision and indomitable determination paved the way to the birth of the Federal Bank Officers' Educational Society (FBOAES).The starting of FISAT in 2002 was the manifestation of the high degree of commitment to the society and relentless hard work of Federal Bank officers under the versatile leadership of Adv. P.V. Mathew. The College was aptly christened Federal Institute of Science and Technology and rightly located at the birth place of late K.P. Hormis as a tribute to the founder of the Federal Bank. Adv. P. V. Mathew was unanimously selected the first Chairman of the FISAT Governing Body and continued serving the institution as Chairman until he retired from Federal Bank in 2013. Adv. P.V. Mathew's yeomen service as the General Secretary of the Federal Bank Officers' Association from 1987 to 2013 had been commendable. His invaluable service was extended to the society in many other capacities too.

Mathew Sir's contributions to FISAT were manifold and innumerable. The present reputation of FISAT, as one of the best sought after engineering colleges in Kerala, is the result of his acumen and far sightedness coupled with the concerted efforts of his colleagues and friends. Mathew Sir, knew each and every corner of the campus and each and every one working with him very well. Mathew Sir passed away on June 16, 2017. As a tribute to this great visionary, the College celebrates the Founder's Day on September 27, his birth day.