Rolling Stone - Literary Association of FISAT










  • To foster the creative, literary talents of students and to provide them a platform for showcasing them.
  • To setup a debate forum and to pickout the best to represent FISAT at inter collegiate and inter-university avenues.
  • To start a manuscript magazine that includes creative writings, paintings and cartoons.
  • To conduct functions, to train students on effective event management.

Office bearers:                                                                          



Teacher in Charge:

Dr. Molly Joseph M



Student Secretary:

Mr. Ronnie Sunny


(S6 ME)



Student in Charge             

Vivek Nair

(Debate Forum):

(S6 EEE)



Editor, Srishti:

Gayatri P

(Manuscript Magazine)

(S3 CSE)



Student Co-ordinators:      

Raghav S (S4 CSE)


Parvathy Udayaraj M (S4 ECB)



The activities of Rolling Stone 2012 - 2013 was inaugurated  by Prof. P J Joseph Chairman, TocH Institutions. Mr. Sachin Warrior was the Guest Artist

The Highlight of 2013-

Kevin John and Sana Nazar bagged the Sr. Digna Inter-CollegiateTrophy for Debate.


Conducted an inter collegiate debate competition "The Game Of The Gab" which saw participation from around 10 colleges and was avidly accepted for its unique format.
Conducted a Book review in association with FISAT library,which saw display of a lot of books and interesting reviews by students and teachers alike.
Started a speakers club inspired by TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL,to improve public speaking skills and confidence on stage and has completed 10 successful meeting as of now.
Kevin John and Sana Nazar brought home the much coveted 60-year old Sister Digna Trophy by winning 1st prize for the debate.
Mr.Sooraj Seshan won the 1st prize for face graffitti at Ragam,the cultural fest of NIT CALICUT.
Vivek Nayar won Mr.Brahma at Brahma 2k13 held at Adishankara Institute of Science and technology.
Ronnie Sunny,Sooraj Seshan,Nithya and Sarath won 1st prize for Ad MAd at Brahma2k13.
Sana Nazar won Miss Naalam at Naalam 2k13,NUALS.
Ronnie Sunny,Sana Nazar and Sooraj Seshan won 1st prize in treasure hunt in NAALAM,NUALS.


Functionality –Norms and Procedures:

Rolling Stone members meet every week during Tuesday- noon- break. Attendance is marked. Students air and share their opinions. This is the venue for self expression, in a venue uninhibited by peer competition and pressure. Within the short time schedule debates and discussions take place. Information on inter collegiate avenues of competition is given and delegates and participants selected.

The Debate Forum conducted Debates on:

  • Corruption- measures effective or in effective.

  • Social networking- Bane or Boon.

  • Freedom- the borderline of control and letting go..

  • Population- Control or regulation.

  • The reducing food belts and urbanization.

  • The effectiveness of apolitical ideologies.

  • The role of FBI in Indian economy.

Chief Guest - Helen Macilwaine - USA

Inauguration of ‘Rolling Stone’ literary association of FISAT.

THE CHIEF GUEST Dr. Muse Mary George being ushered in to the FISAT.

The dignitaries on the dias.

The enthralled audience.

Mr.P.V.Mathew,Chairman giving the presidential address.

Dr. Muse Mary George inaugurating ‘Rolling Stone’ literary association of FISAT.

Dr. Muse Mary George addressing the gathering.

The release of the manuscript magazine, SRISHTI.

Kevin John and Ronnie Sunny the best debators of the college.

Kevin the youth orator of Kochi honoured.

Inter-collegiate Elocution Competition

First Inter-college event organized by Rolling Stone

Toc H head Prof. P.J Joseph honoring the winners of The Game of the Gab

National Education Day – 1/11/2013

Malala Solidarity Day – 2/8/2013

Book Release – Aching Melodies written by Dr. Molly Joseph on  28/3/2014
Released by Rev.Sr.Percy, Former Principal St.Xaviers College Aluva

Speak for Kerala Winner - Sana Nazar


Rolling Stone - Literary Association of FISAT channelises the literary, creative talents of students and provides them a platform to showcase their talents. By giving an outlet to their artistic and literary potential, many tech-savy students find this venue a very fulfilling experience. Competitions are held in various literary items (essay writing , poetry writing, painting, poster designing, film review and the like) to pick out the best to represent FISAT at Inter-collegiate competitions. More over effective Event Management training is given to student by organizing various functions.

Marking a Moment in the history of FISAT, Rolling Stone was formally inaugurated on Wednesday 28thSeptember 2011 by Dr. Muse Mary George (Writer, Critic). Manuscript Magazine ‘Shristi’ was released by Mr. P.V. Mathew (Chairman FBOAES) and was handed over to Mr. Rajavarma (Treasurer FBOAES). ‘Shristi’ provides a ‘hands on’ experience of the powerful presence or signature of Fisatian talent. Each page of Shristi written in the manuscript mode is unique in its freshness and newness. Its space allows free entry to the literary sensibility, irrespective of the, staff or student.

Rolling Stone functions under a student Secretary Sooraj Seshan S and two teachers Dr. Molly Joseph and Ms. Sajana Shamsuddin. There is a regular weekly member’s meet session to chalk out plans and programs.

The Debate Forum

The Debate forum functions effectively under the student in charge Vivek Nayar. Debates are conducted regularly on current issues and topics (like Population explosion, corruption, Youth guided by force or choice.). The best debaters are short-listed and sent out to participate in inter-collegiate Debate competitions.



 Rolling Stone members made the college proud by securing prizes in various Inter Collegiate Contests conducted in and across various venues in Kerala.

  • In the speak for Kerala Debate conducted by The Federal Bank Limited and Manorama in 2015 Sana Nazar S8 Civil was selected as Best Speaker and ‘Youth Icon of Kerala. She received 3 lakhs worth scholarship and 50,000 from the previous Indian Cricket team captain Anil Kumble. This All Kerala Debate competition was conducted as a part of the activities of Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation.
  • Sooraj Jayachandran won the Youth Orator of Cochin.
  •  Raghav Swaminathan and Sana Nazar won the district level Speak for Kerala competition in December 2014.
  • Devika Menon secured the Third position in the “Great Debate” conducted by British council.
  • Devika Menon was the delegate of cambodia in model United Nations.
  • Raghav Swaminathan won 6 paper presentatation competitions in 2014 in various venues in India.
  • Devika Menon won first prize in the All India debate conducted by MES and in the Youth Orator of Cochin.
  • Manu G Krishnan and Yedu Krishnan P N won Third prize in the All Kerala debate conducted by KCYM Cochin.
  • Kevin John became the Youth Orator of Cochin (conducted by Jaycees International) Ronnie Sunnysecured second place as the Best Debater in the Inter-collegiate Debate competition held at Mahatma Gandhi University.
  • Sana Nazar wins State level Elocution competition conducted at Kalady on the 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Swami Vivekananda
  • Swathi Prasad (S4 CS) wins AVANZA 2012 Paper Presentation Contest held by AISAT 
  • Bonie P Varghese of S1S2 EEE won first prize in poster designing and second prize in collage at Mahatma Gandhi University Youth Festival SARGODHAYAM-2012 
  • Raghav.S of S1 S2 CSB and Kevin John of S4ECB won first prize in debate competition at St Xavier ‘s college inter collegiate fest ‘Zeitgeist’ and first prize in poster designing for Bonie P Varghese of S1S2EEE 
  • At Ragam conducted at NIT, Calicut Mr. Vivek Nayar of S6 EEE has won the title “Mr. Ragam”. Kevin John & Muralikrishna of S4 ECEB secured 2nd place in Debate. Kevin John also secured first place in English Extempore.
  • Cukku Susan of S6 EEE bagged 3rd place in Malayalam Extempore. 
  • At Saints Gitts, Kottayam, Sridev of S1S2 CSEB, Ronnie Sunny of S4 ME and Cukku Susan of S6 EEE won first place for Best Entertainer.
  • Ronnie Sunny of S4 ME also bagged 1st place in “Just a Minute’ and won the title “Mr. Nakshatra”
  • Cukku Susan of S6 EEE bagged the Ms. Nakshatra” title. 
  • At SNM Colllege, Maliankara, Sooraj Seshan of S6 EIE got 1st place for Car Designing and Face Painting and 2nd place in Gaming. 
  • A total cash prize of Rs. 52,000/- was won by the participants!