The Central Computing Facility (CCF)

FISAT commissioned the new Central computing facility in May 2009. The CCF has five labs and has a total of 250 Computers all with Intel Core i3 / Core i5/ Core i5 2033MHz/4GB RAM/ 18.5" TFT Monitor and Debian 7.0 GNU/Linux and Windows 7 Professional as Operating System. This high-tech lab complex has a total area of 5,400 sqft and is fully air conditioned. Another good feature of the CCF is that it has a back up of two Online UPS (30 kVA and 20 kVA) and the Tubular batteries can give a back up of 3 hours on peak load. The interiors and layout is planned in most modern way for maximum utility for space and aesthetics. 

The High Performance Computing Centre (HPC) with Dakshina Cluster Series-II, the new Sun servers and Storage arrays are housed in the CCF. The total cost of facilities amounts to almost 90 Lakhs.