Ms. Soumya V Krishnakutty

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Assistant Professor

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B Tech, M Tech (Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering)


8 Years

Ms. Soumya V Krishnakutty completed her B.Tech in Civil Engineering from I.E.S College of Engineering, Chittillapilly in 2007. She have an industrial experience of two years with Geostructurals Cochin. During that period she got an opportunity to work in Vallarpadam container terminal. She completed her M.Tech in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering from NIT, Surat. Her First experience as a teacher was with I.E.S College of Engineering Chittilappilly from 2010 to 2014.During this period she guided 10 M.Tech students for their dissertation. She joined as Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering Dept. FISAT on 1st of July 2014.


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