FISAT Receives National Recognition

Thursday, April 13,2023
The e-Yanthra lab, an initiative of the Ministry of Education and IIT Bombay to spread education in Embedded systems and Robotics, established in 2016 at the Federal Institute of Science & Technology (FISAT) has received national-level recognition. The e-Yantra Center for Excellence in Robotics Lab (e-CER) of FISAT was selected as the best e-Yanthra lab from Kerala and among the top three in India based on the survey of the projects the lab took on and completed during the past three years, from over 450+ colleges that participate in the e-Yantra program. The Chief investigator and founder of the e-Yantra project, Prof. Kavi Arya from the Dept. of Computer Science, IIT Bombay, presented the medal and certificate of recognition to the FISAT team during e Yantra Symposium 2023 which had participation from all over India. The nutrition formula in hydroponics farming, created in 2019 as part of a central government project called E-yantra Farm Setup Initiative (EFSI), developed as a solution to the farming space issue in Kerala which gives three times more yield with less intake of water and fertilisers, in the same amount of land, as well as the new and innovative robotic projects and the AI & ML interactive bots are a few of the projects that made FISAT eligible for the honour.