About IQAC

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)  is an integral part of the Federal Institute of Science and Technology, contributing immensely  towards realizing its vision.  Quality enhancement and quality sustenance are the two major domains of its activities. The role of  IQAC has become more significant since 2016 when the Institute received accreditation from NAAC (with ‘A’ grade) for the first time. The Cell integrates various activities of the institute thereby ensuring the dissemination of its numerous healthy practices to all the stakeholders. The IQAC spearheads the implementation of Outcome Based Education in the Institute.

The IQAC in FISAT functions with the following objectives which comply with those envisaged by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council.


>>To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Hormis Nagar, Mookkannoor.

>> To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices.

Functions of IQAC

>> Coordinating quality-related activities by developing a methodology of documentation and internal communication.

>> Integrating the activities of the Institute to ensure dissemination of good practicesSpearheading the conduct of internal and external Academic Audits of departments to promote quality, accountability and transparency.

>> Creating and maintaining a system of feedback on processes and policies of the Institute from stakeholders.

>> Initiating and coordinating the Outcome Based Education.

>> Coordinating programmes that aim at advancing the career prospects of faculty members.

>> Monitoring all assessment and accreditation activities.

>> Organizing workshops and seminars on quality-related issues/themes and thus promote a culture of quality in all areas and activities of the Institute.

>> Sustaining the quality measures already in place.

>> Helping the Institute in decision-making process related to the functioning of the Institution.

>> Promote inter- institutional endeavours to facilitate resource sharing and promotion of research.

>> Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per the guidelines of NAAC.


1. Mr. Shimith P R (Chairman, FISAT, Management Representative)

2. Principal, Chairman IQAC

3. Dr. C Sheela (Vice Principal)

4. Dr. Mini P R (Dean Academics), Coordinator

5. Dr. Joshua A J (Staff in Charge of ISO, Director, MBA)

6. Dr. Surya Susan  Alex (Joint Coordinator, Staff in Charge of KTU Audit)

7. Dr. Asha Joseph (Joint Coordinator)

8. Dr. Unni Katha G (Placement Officer)

9. Mr. Shinto Sebastian (PRO)

10. Ms. Jisha Jacob (Manager, Academic Wing)

11. Mr. George Joseph (Manager, Accounts)

12. Mr. Sino Varghese (Librarian)

13. Dr. Parvathy R (KTU Coordinator)

14. Dr. Prasad J C (Professor CSE)

15. Dr. Jose Cherian (First Year Academic Coordinator)

16. Mr. Santhosh Kottam (Software Cell & IT Operations)

17. Dr. Jiji Antony (HoD, CE)

18. Dr. Jyothish K John (HoD, CSE)

19. Dr. Sumanlal M R (HoD, ME)

20. Dr. Abi P Mathew (HoD, EIE)

21. Dr. Anilkumar M N (HoD, ECE)

22. Dr. Archana R (HoD, EEE)

23. Ms. Deepa Mary Mathews (HoD, MCA)

24. Dr. Binimol Punnose (HoD, S&H)

25. Dr. Kavitha P E (NAAC Joint Convener)

26. Dr. Dhanya Alex (NAAC Joint Convener)

27. Mr Jitesh V (Manager, Network Administration)

28. Dr. Arun S (Physical Education)

29. Ms. Reshmi R (CSE)

30. Ms. Vinitha V (ECE)

31. Ms. Rosemin Parackal (EEE)

32. Ms. Sreevidya P (EIE)

33. Ms. Rinu J Achison (CE)

34. Ms. Honeymol P Chako (S&H)

35. Mr. Sajan S (ME)

36. Ms. Senu Abi (MCA)

37. Mr. Prasanth P John (MBA)

38. Ms. Sreeja E A (EEE)

39. Ms. Anu K Kuriakose (ECE)

40. Dr. Paul P Mathai (CSE)

41. Mr. Ranjith R (ME)

42. Ms. Sruthi Bhaskaran (EIE)

43. Ms. Rose Mary Mathew (MCA)

44. Mr. Jaison Joseph (Civil Supervisor)

45. Ms. Ananya Rajeev (Student Representative)

46. Ms. Lakshmi Nandakumar (Alumni Representative)

47. Mr. Paul P (President – Mookkannor Grama Panchayath)

48. Mr. N I Thomas (PTA Representative)

49. Mr. Greg Xavier (Industry Representative)

Frequency of the Meetings

Three times in an year