Dept of CE Activities 2018-2019

Department of Civil Engineering - Activites 2018-2019

4 October 2018 >> Technical talk on "Cement"

Mr. Sebin Jose, Assistant General Manager, Heidelberg Cement India Ltd delivered a technical talk on "Cement". The talk covered the steps in the manufacturing cement, testing and quality control. He also gave an insight into the global consumption and state of the art technologies used in cement manufactuing.




10 October 2020 >> Technical talk on ‘Ergonomics in IT industry” 

Mr. Manoj Thomas, Regional Lead, TCS Kochi delivered a talk on Ergonomics in IT industry on 10 October 2020. The two hour session enlightened the listeners about the importance of Ergonimics. Mr. Manoj Thomas introduced the term Ergonomics to the students. He then elaborated that the goal of ergonomics as the task of eliminating discomfort and risk of injury due to work and that the employees are the first priority in any organisation. He also talked about the three main evaluation criteria known as Ergonomic Stressors - the force required to complete a task, the working postures adopted in completing a task, and the repetitiveness of a task. Any of these factors, or any combination of these factors, may place someone at greater risk for discomfort.He emphasized that it is a civil engineer’s duty to ensure that ergonomics is considered while proportioning and orienting rooms, designing lighting and ventilation and fixtures in buildings. This was a unique experince for the students to hear from an expert from IT industry.

29 Oct 2018 >> Technical talk on “Disaster Management”

ACE, the student’s association of civil engineers organised a technical talk on Disaster Management on 29th October 2018, 03.15pm-04.15pm.  The resource person was Mr. Jawahar Saud S., Assistant Professor, FISAT.  The topic was introduced by providing a brief overview of the recent floods in Kerala and the state's disaster preparedness and about the people aspect of the recent disaster and how it affected the outcomes. The Impacts of disaster in terms of environment, human and economic aspects were discussed in detail. The speaker included case studies in his presentation, relating to the real life situations that people faced and how they had overcome such situations. He presented the cases, where the primary focus was environmental destruction. He also talked about certain man made disasters and on how they occur due the carelessness of man. The cases demonstrated how huge disasters could be managed and how good policy ensured lesser socio environmental impacts. He concluded on the note that disasters need to be managed efficiently and that their negative impacts can be mitigated through due diligence and proper planning. 

5 November 2018 >> Meet the Department

“Meet the department” - the induction program of the first year students was organised by the student coordinators and staff coordinators of Association of civil engineers (ACE) and American society of civil engineers (ASCE) on 5 November 2018. The programme was scheduled to be held on 16th august 2018, but it was postponed due to the unexpected occurrence of the flood. The Programme was desinged as an ice breaker and familiarise the students with the campus, the profession and meet the faculty members and interact with them. The activities were arranged in such a way that the students got a chance to interact with each other. The regulations of KTU, the association activitives were also presented to students.

12 November 2018 >> Technical talk on Dam Safety by Advocate Russel Joy

ACE, the student’s association of civil engineers organised a technical talk on Dam Safety  on 13th November 2018.  The resource person was Adv. Russel Joy, a qualified legal professional. He is an expert in Arbitration, Civil, Criminal Law and practicing since 1995. He has argued in the case of the controversial Mullaperiar dam. Adv. Russel Joy opened various facts about the dam and the controversy and panic it has created. He emphasized on the dam’s legal aspects rather than its technical side. Being the one who stood for Kerala in this case and opened the dam’s devastating potential, the session delivered by him was a new experience for the audience. Adv. Russel Joy was very keen even to expose the politics behind it. He spoke as a Keralite and also as a resident beneath what he describes as a “water bomb”. He was very much literal about that term.

16 November 2018 >> CONSILIO 18

Consilio is a one day exhibition event organised by the Association of Civil Engineers (ACE) to showcase the Design Projects, which is a part of the fifth semester B.Tech programme. The exhibition is a part of the evaluation process and the event envisages to identify and award a few best projects. CONSILIO 2K18, was conducted  on 16 November 2019 in the FISAT auditorium. The program was inaugurated by Dr. George Isaac, Principal, FISAT and  Mr. Unni Kartha G, Head, Department of Civil Engineering welcomed the gathering.

The exhibition showcased the work done by the 2016 admission batch students as part of their Design Project, an innovation based design course in the KTU curriculum. Students also created posters as part of the presentation. Awards were proposed on projects exhibiting substantial work on innovation and social relevance and also the best poster design.
The exhibition was attended by the College Chairman, Mr. Paul Mundadan who expressed his appreciation and pride in the work done by the students. The Principal, Vice Principal, Deans and Heads of Departments, faculty members and students attended the event. Great interest was shown in the exhibits by the attendees and the event was well received. 

Winners of CONSILIO 2K18

“Mobile Curing Framework” by Anagha R Nath, Anitha Jose, Arya S M,Avanthika B

“Laser Crossstaff” by Abhishek Babu, Arjun N, Dani Thomas Shaji, Jeffrey Michael

“Demascus Steel As Reinforcement Material In Concreting” by Sowmya Zaviar,Vrinda Ramachandran,Neeraja Babu, Nivya T S

“Use Of Geocells In Foundations Against Piping Of Soil Structural Protection” by Ria Mariam Sabu, Vishnudatha V Nair, Surjith V R, Midhun Joby

29 November 2018 >> Invited talk on “Structural dynamics and Earthquake”

Er. Suresh S, Senior Design Consultant of Associated Structural Consultants, Kochi delived a talk on "Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering"






8, 9 March 2019 >> Nirman 2k19

NIRMAN 2K19, brought forth a novel theme “നവകേരള പുനർനിർമ്മാണം” and hosted it during 8th and 9th March 2019 at CSA Hall, Angamaly. Over 25 innovative stalls were set-up and saw near 2000 visitors during the two day event.  The expo was inaugurated by Sri. Roji M. John, MLA, Angamaly. The keynote address was delivered by Sri. Paul Mundadan, Chairman, FISAT and was followed by a special address by Smt. M.A. Gracy Teacher, Municipal Chairperson, Angamaly.

Mr. Paul.T.Mathew, State Chairman BAI, Mr. Charles Thayyil, Chairman, BAI Angamaly, Mr. Johnson K.A, Convener, Dr. George Issac, Principal , Dr. C Sheela, Vice Principal, Dr. K.S.M Panicker, Academic director, Dr. Sunny Kuriakose, Dean,Students Affairs, FISAT attended the inaugural event. Mr. Sachin Jacob Paul, Treasurer, FISAT, ASCE member and Practitioner advisor Er. Johncy K Sam and Mr. E K Rajavarma, Management Committee Members were also present on the occasion.  

The Guest of honour was the renowned sculptor, Sri. Prem Adoor, Chief sculptor and Art director of Green planet, Dubai. Technical talks were conducted for students on topics: Ready mix concrete by Sri. Sreekumar Menon, Tritech, Thrissur,  Planning and designing by Dr. Josna Raphael, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur, Insurance in construction and work man compensation by Mr. Dinesh Varrier, and a technical talk on Reinforcement bars by Mr. Akhil Raj, Marketing Director, METCON Steel.

16 March 2019 >> Site Visit to On-going Construction of Chambakkara Bridge, Vytilla

A site visit was conducted on 16th march 2019 to Chambakkara Bridge, near Vytilla, Kochi. The Students of sixth semester civil engineering attended the visit, accompanied by faculty from the department. Champakkara Bridge is the longest span bow-string bridge in Kerala, being constructed by KMRL. The visit offered a unique opportunity for sutudents to undestand the construction process of a Bowstring bridge.





23 March 2019 >> #ThrowbackFISAT- First Alumni Meet

The very first alumni meet of the department of the department of civil engineering - named #Throwbackfisat, was held on 23 March 2019 in the campus. The event was presided over by Mr. George Issac, Principal, FISAT and Mr. Unni Kartha G, Head of Department, Department of Civil Engineering. Ms. Rinu J Achison and Ms. Gayathri Krishnakumar were the department faculty coordinators of the event. A total of 10 alumni attended the event.




28 March 2019, 1 April 2019 Building Planning Workshop

A workshop on Building Planning was conducted for the fourth semester B.Tech students on 28th March and 1st April 2019 by the Department of Civil Engineering in association with the Indian Concrete Institute - Kochi Chapter. The session was handled by Ar. Johny Kaitharath who is a practising architect in Kochi. The students were given hands-on training on how to measure an actual site and plan a residential building within its constraints fulfilling the requirements given to them. There was an interaction session on the second day where the students were made to present their designs and suggestions were given for improvisation. The event had 30 participants.

6 April 2019 >> Site Visit to Zuari Cement Plant, Cochin

On 6th April 2019 a team consisting of 24 students and 4 teachers of civil engineering visited the Zuari cement plant, Wilington Island, Kochi near Ernakulam Wharf. The fully automated cement plant provided a unique opportunity to students.







8 May 2019 >> Aavishkar 19

Aavishkar’19, is a Project Expo for exhibiting the projects done by the students in their final year. The main aim of the expo is to create a platform for students to showcase the projects undetaken by the students as part of their final year B.Tech program. The event was conducted on 8 May 2019 in the FISAT auditorium. 

The following Project groups won the awards:

Best Project: ‘Flood Susceptibility Analysis Using Geospatial Techniques’ by Krishnapriya S, Manjima V J, Vindhya Udayakumar and Sreekumar Suresh Shenoy guided by Ms. Abhiya Abbas Mundol

Best Innovative Project: ‘Generation of electricity and waste water treatment using microbial fuel cells’ by Arya Sajith, Akash A Menon ,Indeevar Krishna Asok guided by Mr. Jawahar Saud S.

Best Poster: ‘Bacterial Concrete’ by Abhirami Vinod, Anzil Ameen Noushad, Ashwin Hari and Jerry Joseph Danty guided by Asha Joseph

Best Project with Industrial Relevance: ‘Flyash based lightweight foamed concrete blocks’ by Antony Devassy Kunju, Divya Robin and Erina P Joshi guided by Ms. Jiji Antony.

Best Project with Social Relevance: ‘Experimental Investigation and Mitigation Works in Soil Piping affected regions of Kerala’ by Justin Varghese ,Mariam Rose Josy ,Sanjay Das and  Sona B K guided by Ms.Panjami K

10 May 2019 >> Cubix- Mix Design Competition based on BIS Method

01 July 2019 - 15 July 2019 >> Add-on Course on Building Planning and Drafting - Imagination and beyond

The Department of Civil Engineering in association with Association of Civil Engineers (ACE) organized an Add-on Course on Building Planning and Drafting “Imagination and Beyond” during the first and second week of July, 2018. The Course spanned 10 days with 20 student participants. The sessions were led by Mr. Unni Kartha G., Mr. Sreerath S and Ms. Lidiya P. M, faculties from the department. Based on the continuous assessment of students throughout the sessions and their final project, the course had two toppers Mr. John Joseph (S2 CEB) and Mr. Juval Joy (S2 CEB). Dr. George Issac, Principal awarded the prize and certificate for the toppers.



5 July 2019 >> Kibitz- Farewell function of ACE office bearers