Dept of CE Activities 2019-2020

Department of Civil Engineering - Activites 2019-2020

29 July 2019 - 01 August 2019 >> Meet the department

Meet the Department is the induction program for the first year B.Tech students. This event marks the welcoming of the freshers to the department. The program spanned 3 days, on 29, 30 July and 01 August 2019, . The introductory session was handled by the head of the department, Dr. Unni Kartha G. The formal sessions included a talk of the rules and regulations of KTU, outcome based education, activities of student bodies like ACE, ASCE, ICI. There was also a group activity on the last day. The program was a great ice breaker, all faculty members and students introduced themselves during the course of the three day event. 

23 September 2019 >> Essay Writing  Competition

The ASCE student chapter organised an essay writing competition on the topic "Should the flats at Maradu be demolished or not?". The demolition of flats at Maradu in Ernkulam district was highly controversial and prompted lot of discussions among the community of Civil Engineers in the State. The competition could bring out both the writing as well as reasoning talents of the students. The winner of the event was Ms. Anitha Jose (2016-2020) and runner up Lakshmipriya (2018-2022). 

4 October 2019 >> Technical talk on “Rehabilitation of Structures under Distress”

Prof. Dr. N Ganesan, Retd. Professor and Head, Department of Civil Engineering at NIT, Calicut delivered a technical talk on "Rehabilitation of Structures under Distress" on 4 October 2019. The program was organised by ACE, the student association of the department. The session was insightful and proved to be a stimulating eye-opener for all the students. Dr. Ganesan outlined a few case studies and brought to light the various kinds of errors that can happen in the course of design and execution of projects. He emphasized on the role played by civil engineers in the area. 

11 October 2019, 26 October 2019 >> Field Visit to “Idukki Arch Dam”

The students of third semester B.Tech conducted a site visit to Idukki Kulamavu Dam, Idukki Cheruthoni Dam, Idukki arch Dam and Kuruthavi tunnel accompanied by faculty members Mr. Abin Thomas C A, Mr. Sreerath S and Ms. Gayathri Krishnakumar. The site visit was made as two batches on 11th and 26th October 2019. The objective of the visit was to familiarize the students with water retaining structures and drainage galleries. The visit provided an opportunity for the students to understand the infrastructure and its management.

15 October 2019 >> Technical Talk on “Ergonomics”

Mr. Manoj Thomas, Associate Consultant, TATA Consultancy Services Ltd. delivered a talk on Ergonomics on 15 October 2019. The focus of his talk was how a healthy work environment can enhance an individual's productivity and efficiency. He discussed the right postures of sitting at work and the importance of taking short breaks. With a few demonstrations, the resource person was able to show a few  common incorrect postures and the effect it had on health. The simple ways to manage the posture and taking care of long working hours at a desk was discussed in detail. He also briefly touched upon the Theory of Happiness and the impact of mental health on the well being. The event was well attended by 70 students from all batches of the department.

23 October 2019 >> Technical Talk on “Futute Fit-2”

A technical talk on “Future Fit” by Ms. Divya Divakar, Executive editor of Construction Philosophy Magazine was organised by ACE, the student’s Association of Civil Engineers on 23rd of October 2019. Ms. Divya Divakar is a Structural Engineer with expertise in the field of design. She started her career in the bridge dept of L&T Infra Engineering Ltd, Chennai. Her talk focussed on the various aspects of bridge design and also how to make one fit for an engineering career. 



24 October 2019 >>  Field Visit to “Palarivattom Flyover”

Palarivattom Flyover is a controvorsial bridge located in the national highway in Kochi. The bridge had to be taken down from service after it was opened for traffic. There were lot of discussions about the failure of bridge and how it was handled by the contractor, engineer and even the politicians. The bridge had undergone some distress during service. The site visit gave an opportunity to students to get to know the status of the bridge and the possible reasons for the failure.



14 November 2019 >> CONSILIO 19

Consilio was a one-day exhibition organised by the Association of Civil Engineers (ACE) on 14th November to showcase the Design Projects which was part of the curriculum of the fifth semester B. Tech programme. The event also intended to distinguish and reward a few noteworthy projects. The program was inaugurated by the Principal, Dr. George Isaac. The formal welcome note was delivered by Dr. Unni Kartha G., Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, where he applauded the students for their sincere efforts. Faculty coordinator, Ms. Neeraja Nair also commended the students for the successful conduct of the event. The Awards of Consilio 2018 and the winners of Cube Casting and Quiz competitions were handed over during the event. 


11 February 2020 >> Technical Talk on “Who is an Engineer"

Mr. Mathew David, who is the practioner advisor of ASCE student chapter visited the campus on 11 February and delivered a talk on “Who is a Real Engineer”. Mr. Mathews David holds his Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA. He is a Chartered Engineer of the Institution of Engineers, member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, licensed professional engineer of NJ and PA, and a fellow of the Institution of Engineers, India. His vast experince reflected during the interaction with the students and helped the students to understand the diversity of the profession and motivated them to pursue civil engineering as a dream career. 

6 March 2020 >> Site Visit to LuLu Mall site, Thiruvananthapuram

The third semester students of the Department of Civil Engineering conducted on a one-day field visit to the construction site of Lulu Mall, Kazhakoottam, Trivandrum on 06 of March, 2020. The objective was to acquaint students with varied phases of construction work involved in large projects.




31 March 2020 >> Webinar on “Construction Management Opportunities in Engineering, Procurement & Construction Industry”

A webinar on "Construction Management Opportunities in ‘Engineering, Procurement & Construction’ (EPC) Industry"  was conduted in assocation with the Construction Management chapter of XIME, on 31st March  2020.

Mr Tony Jacob Director, Constask Management Solutions LLP (XIME Alumni), Prof A. Anantharaman, Provost, XIME, Mr. Ravindran Pandian, Sales Manager, GE (XIME Alumni), Ms Kavitha Nair, Asst Professor, XIME, Mr. Mani James and Sr VP, Frost & Sullivan (XIME Alumni) jointly hosted the session. The webinar was based upon the career prospects after completing B.Tech and the scope of pursuing a masters in Construction Management. 

22 May 2020 >> Webinar on “Measure upto Civil Engineering Challenges”

Er.Suryaprakash, Founding trustee of smart infr-EST delived a webinar on ‘Significance of Civil Engineering as a Profession’ on 22nd of May 2020. The event was organized in association with Construction Philosophy which is India’s newest Civil Engineering & Construction Magazine. Er. Suryaprakash, during his talk emphasised on the need for civil engineers to focus on career and quality. He also created awareness about career options and future needs of the construction industry. The event concluded with a final note from Er. Shyju Nair, Concrete Expert and CEO of DH Academy. He addressed the students about the importance of training oneself to be a professional. A total of 88 students participated in the event using the ZOOM platform.

5 June 2020 >> Webinar on “Biodiversity and Civil Engineering”- World Environment Day

A webinar on "Bio diversity and Civil Engineering" was conducted in connection with the World Environment Day on 5 June 2020. The program was a registered event organized by the United Nation Environment Program (UNEP).  The webinar was organized by the department to  draw the attention of the participants to how biodiversity loss and ecosystem damage is caused by Civil engineering projects and emphasized on the ways in which improper management of a project can result in biodiversity loss due to ecosystem disruption. The webinar was highly thought provoking and discussed upcoming projects across the globe which have been planned for a sustainable development without loss of biodiversity. More importantly it was part of a worldwide movement trying to educate the society of how current development patterns are affecting ecosystems world over.

The webinar garnered positive responses with most participants highlighting the importance and freshness of the topic. There were over 200 registrations and about 350 delegates including students, academicians and persons from industry who participated through the Google meet platform as well as the live streaming through Youtube platform. 

The speaker of the event was Mr. Jawahar Saud S., Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, FISAT. He has over 10 years of academic and industrial experience. He is an environmental engineer and his key interest lies in the area of disaster management, risk assessment of anthropogenic activities on the environment and human beings.

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17 June 2020 >> AAVISHKAR 2020

Aavishkar 2020, the exhibition of the projects undertaken by final year students of the department, was conducted online on 17 June 2020 by the ASCE student chapter of FISAT in association with ICI Kochi Chapter . An official website was launched showcasing the work done by the students in the form of short videos. The videos were viewed and rated by the faculty, ICI members and the general public. The projects presented were widely appreciated regarding the topics taken and work done. 

The virtual exhibition was inaugurated by Ms. Anitha P, Chairman, Governing Body ,FISAT and attended by the principal, Vice principal, Deans and Heads of various departments apart from the students and faculty.


Various awards were given to the project teams based on their work and the rating obtained. The awards are as under:

Best Project:  Mapping Methane Emissions From Paddy Fields Using Geospatial Techniques
Team: Ajin Jacob, Anumol Suni, Aparna V R &Elvin Roy
Guide: Ms. Abhiya Abbas Mundol

Best Socially relevant Project: Risk Communication For Long Term Health Risks Due To Particulate Matter At Industrial Areas Near Ernakulam
Team: Abhaya Davis, Eby Joison, Fathima Nazrin & Jason Sabu V
Guide: Mr. Jawahar Saud S

Best Project with Industrial relevance: Design Of A Phosphate Removal Technique From Industrial Waste Water Using Chemical Coagulants And Natural Adsorbents
Team: M A Harikrishnan, Raihana T Sakkeer, Shabana Nizar & Wafa Abdul Rasheed
Guide: Mr. Jawahar Saud S

Best Innovative Project: Soil Piping Detection Using Remote Sensing
Team: Manjima Sunil, M J Anumod, Presty Rappai & Saranya P Vinod
Guide: Ms. Panjami K

Best Video presentation: Geometric Design Of Junctions And Simulation Using Anylogic Software In Irinjalakuda
Team: Anagha R Nath, Anitha Jose, Arya S M & Avanthika B
Guide: Ms. Leena Samuel


22 June 2020 >> Webinar on the topic “Environmental Impact Assessment process with special reference to Water Resources Projects"

ASCE Student Chapter of FISAT hosted a webinar on ‘Environmental Impact Assessment process with special reference to Water Resource Projects’ in association with KSCSTE-CWRDM, Kozhikode on 22nd of June 2020. The resource person was Mr. Jayakumar P, Senior Principal Scientist & Head, Environment and Climate Change Studies Division. He has more than 31 years of professional and research experience in the area.

Mr.Jayakumar P gave a brief history about how EIA came into existence and explained the EIA process in India in detail. He also mentioned the importance of taking public opinion while doing water resource projects and the procedure to assess the environmental impact of such projects. The presentation was followed by a Q & A session moderated by Mr. Jawahar Saud S, where the resource person answered the doubts and queries posted by the participants in the chat box.

The webinar received a tremendous response and had listeners from different parts of the world. There were around 907 registrations and was attended live by 425 participants. The event had about 2.1k views on YouTube.

YouTube Live: Link:
Facebook Live: Link:

7 July 2020 to 10 July 2020 >> Hands on Training - Introduction to LaTex

A 4 day add-on course on “Introduction to LaTex” was conducted for the final year B.Tech & M.Tech students from 7th to 10th July 2020. The programme was conducted online as hands-on training sessions which was handled by Dr. Unni Kartha G, Professor & Head, Department of Civil Engineering. The workshop was amply supported by other faculty members including Dr. Kavitha P E, Ms. Rinu J Achison, Ms. Rajalakshmi T R & Ms. Reshma Prasad. A total of 51 participants including 4 faculty members of the department attended the course. The participants were given an insight into how to prepare a simple document in LaTeX. The various aspects like Math, figures, tables, presentation, bibliography and class file used for creating academic reports were discussed in detail. The course included a project to create a report using the given class file.

13 July 2020 >> Webinar on Pre - Engineered buildings in smart cities

A Webinar on "Pre-Engineered Building in Smart Cities" was jointly organised by Marvel Magnum-MARMAG INFRA PVT LTD(IIT Madras Incubated Company) and ASCE Student Chapter FISAT on 13th July 2020 from 2:00pm to 4:00 PM. The event had 100 registrations and was attended by 70 students. The session was inaugurated by Mr. Anoop Baby, Marvel Magnum who addressed the students and introduced the speakers of the day - Mr. Rajaprakash, Senior Structural Engineer at Marmag Infra Pvt Limited, Ms. Prathibha, Structural Engineer at Marmag Infra Pvt Limited and Ms.Asha, Structural Engineer at Marmag Infra Pvt Limited.

Mr. Rajaprakash handled a session on Pre-engineered buildings and pre-engineered building structural systems.The other speakers discussed the difference between Pre-engineered buildings and conventional steel buildings. There was a detailed discussion on various aspects of the PEB such as the loads coming on these structures, the load calculation, load combinations and on how to design and construct them. Structural optimization was also discussed. The event concluded with a questionnaire that  consisted of 6 questions in the area of design basics.