Group Advisory System

Group advisory system has a pivotal role in the student support systems of FISAT. An effective mentoring system at an individual level is being implemented to guide and mould the   students.  Every group of 20 students has been assigned to a mentor (group advisor).  A student can approach   their mentor at any time on any matter which is academic or otherwise. Frequent meetings of the group advisor with this group of twenty students helps them to get proper counselling on all matters. Group advisors may direct the students to seek higher level of counselling, if required. 

The group advisor consistently monitors the academic performance of every student in the group of twenty and guides the students requiring extra support by suggesting proper measures to be taken to improve their academic performance, often with the involvement of their parents. Group advisors also keep a close watch on the well being of the students in their charge and are also keep regular contact with the parents of the students.

Student are encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards life, and are motivated to grow into socially committed individuals during frequent interactions with their faculty advisor. They are also encouraged to involve in many socially relevant activities within and outside the campus. Students are moulded to individuals with good attitude, and skills, through the constant motivation, encouragement and support brought in by the group advisory system. Career guidance by the mentors supplement the activities of  the placement and training cell to facilitate the students to secure campus placements and to build better careers.