Student Support

The educational experience at FISAT is holistic and moulds young minds into socially committed global citizens. The campus provides the finest ambience for the overall development of an Individual with state-of-the-art facilities for creative teaching, experiential learning, arts, sports, professional development, research and development. The teaching-learning methodology and innovative practices adopted in the campus makes the learning experience stress free, encouraging as well as rewarding. 

The students are presented with a number of opportunities to engage in research and development activities through its various research centers and FAB lab. The various active clubs and student associations are a progressive platform for students to engage in activities which enrich their knowledge and skill sets. There is a special emphasis on activities which nurture a sense of social commitment and environment in the young minds. Ample support is provided for students who look forward to becoming entrepreneurs.

Living inside the campus in FISAT hostels is an experience many cherish for a lifetime. The freedom students enjoy and camaraderie they share is awesome. The beautiful and well maintained infrastructure for sports facilities are perfect for the sportive mind. Students never miss the magnificent Library and Central Computing Centre in the campus. The campus provides a nourishing environment for indulging in creative activities in literature and arts along with their highly demanding engineering and management education. The cultural and technical fests are the exciting part of life at FISAT. 

Life at FISAT is a perfect blend of education and experience - a great campus to spend the best days of one's life.