Activities of the Academic Year 2022-2023

28th Sept 2023: Enrollment of First Batch NCC Cadets 

1 Nov 2023:  Human chain for anti drug campaign

A human chain was formed along the premises of the college covering about 2km as a part of anti drug campaign. Both NCC and NSS joned their hands together to make this programme a success. All the students , teachers and staff participated in this human chain to show their support  towards  anti drug  campaign.  All the participants took oath together develop  a better society and to stop the usage of drugs amongst youngsters.

25 Nov 2023: NCC Day Celebration & Distribution of Food in Taluk Hospital

Dec 2023: Formal Inauguration of NCC Unit in FISAT

Officials from Battalion Col. Rajeevan A, Major. K.S. Narayanan and Sub. Maj. Manoj N lighted the lamp and inaugurated the NCC unit of FISAT. After the welcome address by our CTO Dr.Prasad J C, Rajeevan sir addressed us. Also words from Narayanan sir and Manoj sir was very motivating for us.

The Chairman, Shimith P R and our Principal,  Dr. Manoj George also addressed us and ensured us to continue giving us complete support throughout our journey of NCC. At last our Asst. CTO and faculty of FISAT Mr. Eldhose P.Jacob proposed the vote of thanks. We ended the official ceremony of inauguration by NCC song and National Anthem by the NCC cadets led by our instructor Mr.Arjun B. We sang the NCC song and the National Anthem with full Josh lifting the spirit of the atmosphere. Later we had a photo session with the officers from the Battalion.

Dec 2023: Exhibition of Weapons and other Items

Dec 2023: Christmas Celebration

The NCC cadets at FISAT joyfully celebrated Christmas with vibrant decoration music and dance. The day culminated in a heartwarming feast, fostering unity and compassion among all. It was a memorable and joyous celebration of love and togetherness.

1 Jan 2023: Drug Abuse Tableau at Mookkannoor Town

The Drug Abuse Tableau presented by the FISAT NCC unit at Mookkannoor Town was a compelling display aimed at raising awareness about the devastating consequences of drug addiction. Through poignant visuals and powerful messages, the tableau emphasized the importance of prevention, intervention and support, inspiring the community to unite against drug abuse and create a healthier, drug-free society.

26 Jan 2023: Republic Day Celebration

 Feb 2023: Basic Life Support Programme

CPR session was organised in association with federal bank CSR for the youth

February 2023:Marathon in Mookkannoor with the Support of NCC Cadets

The second social work of FISAT NCC unit was being part of a marathon organized by Mookkannoor panchayath. The main motive of the marathon was to promote physical health awareness in the public. The cadets contributed to the event by both participating in the marathon and volunteering. A large number of people from our locality took part in the marathon irrespective of age and physical limitations.


Took the ‘PUNEETH  SANKALP’ and commited himself/herself  to prevent the spread of plastic pollution and support PUNEETH SAGAR ABHIYAN in protecting the water bodies from plastic contamination ,and later e-certificates were provided.

May 2023: CATC/ATC Camp in FISAT

Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) 2023 was conducted at FISAT Engineering college, Angamaly by 22(K) Battalion from 19th May 2023 to 29th May 2023. More than 600 NCC cadets including Thal Sainik Camp(TSC) selected cadets from various institutions participated in the camp. The commanding officer Col. Vikrant Adhikari inaugurated the camp. This camp included regular drills, weapon training, map reading along with other programmes like Blood donation camp, CPR training, and some cultural events for cadets to showcase their talent. This was the very first camp organized by FISAT Engineering College after starting its own NCC unit. Also an ANO conference is also organized in FISAT Engineering College on May 19th 2023.

Ernakulam Group Commander COMMODORE HARIKRISHNAN visited the college as a part of CATC Camp.

Conduct of various classes on field craft, battle craft etc.

Appreciation to college management and staff organising the camp

Blood Donation Camp

The FISAT NCC Unit organized a successful Blood Donation Camp.The event aimed to create awareness about the importance of blood donation and to contribute to the well-being of the community by collecting blood donations from willing participants.


The FISAT NCC Unit organized an impactful rally as part of their campaign to promote the principles of “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.” The event aimed to raise awareness about environmental conservation, waste management, and the importance of sustainable practices among the community.

Fisat ncc cadets selected to battalion guard of honour team

The FISAT NCC community congratulates 5 cadets  for their outstanding achievement in being selected for the Battalion Guard of Honour Team. Their representation in this elite team brings honor not only to themselves but also to the institution. The FISAT NCC unit takes pride in nurturing such disciplined and dedicated individuals who serve as role models for their peers.