Arts Club FISAT

The primary objective of fine arts club in FISAT  is  promoting students who have talent in music, dance, drama and various art forms. The college provides ample opportunities for such students to showcase their talents in state and national level competitions.

FISAT Fine Arts Club also gives promotion of various art forms like Painting, Poster Designing, Cartooning, Pencil Drawing, photography etc.

Arts Club secretary is  an elected person by the student council of FISAT  and the election is being conducted every year. The Arts Club Secretary is responsible for the administration of the club, convening  meetings, circulating the minutes. In association with student council, Arts Club Secretary will lead Intra college Arts Fest Arangu and Inter collegiate Arts Fest Bharatham other competitions in the college.

Two Staff in charges will advise the Arts club secretary and council for the smooth conduct of all events and competitions. 

Staff in Charge:

Mr. Sajan S, Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)- Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ms. Shimy Joseph,  Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)- Department of Computer Science.


Arangu is the 2day cultural fest conducted every year in FISAT. As we know Fests mean, ‘Few Earn Stages to Shine. Arangu was one of those occasions where we make memories and capture memories. The first memory about arangu is its night events (Music Band), dance performance of both boys and girls from all batches. Other events include split dance, spot chroegraphy, monoact, light music, elocutions, and recitations which attract students and teachers alike.

The colourful days spend with the energy that last till the end, it has a positive vibe all around the campus. Arangu is filled with not just the dance competitions there are several music competitions, literature competitions and much more fun, this events creates opportunity for FISATians to showcase their talents.


BHARATHAM , “BHava RAga THAala Melam” is the two day, biennial, Intercollege cultural fest of  Federal Institute of Science And Technology (FISAT), Angamaly, Kerala. Students from all over Kerala unites at this occasion to enjoy and participate in the biggest cultural fest of FISAT. With the one and only script that lets you pick the role that you just wish for, whether it be to exude machismo or celebrate elegance. Competitions such as Music band, tashan, ragnarock choreo Night, fun games and food fest add colour and beauty to the blissful event.  .  BHARATHAM is the one event that all the FISATians wait for and they celebrate with great pomp and pride. A colourful picture of the memories of any FISATian  is filled with the moments of BHARATHAM.