Whether you're on the go, need a quiet location to eat and study, or want to assemble a group of friends for a meal, you'll find a number of scrumptious and diverse selections and environments across campus to satisfy your needs. There's something for everyone, freshly cooked by our team of skilled chefs in our kitchens.

The importance of good cuisine in FISAT collegiate life cannot be overstated. FISAT has taken great delight in providing a delectable selection of meals produced with high-quality ingredients in hygienic settings since its beginning in 2002. The college canteen is conveniently positioned near all departments on campus. At the college cafeteria, a range of refreshments and meals are freshly made in our kitchens by our team of trained chefs for an affordable charge. There is enough seating for students and employees even during peak hours. It is the most popular hangout location on campus for not only physical refreshment but also for student bonding and discussions.

The cafeteria is a great location for students to congregate and socialise with their friends and classmates, in addition to keeping them healthy and fit. We endeavour to give the best dining experience possible every day, at every meal. Students are fed high-quality healthy meals in a relaxing environment. FISAT dining options  without a doubt  stand out  in terms of quality, selection, and convenience.