Language Lab

The FISAT language lab is a cutting-edge facility for teaching children English language reading, writing, and listening skills. In today's world, language labs are a popular and effective tool for language learning.

FISAT's language lab is centrally air-conditioned, technologically advanced, and well-equipped to help students improve their communication skills. There are a total of 71 systems, which include 68 student consoles, two teacher consoles, and one projector-connected system.

The programme used is a licenced version called "Tell me More," which allows students to listen, practise, study, and develop their English language proficiency at their own pace using the individual system that has been assigned to them.

Because all of the systems are linked to two teacher consoles, students receive individualized attention from the teacher, who monitors their progress. The Language Lab strives to develop strong linguistic skills by emphasizing grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary accuracy.

Students are exposed to a variety of inspiring and motivating speeches by famous people, and they are required to give presentations or write assignments based on what they have learned from these speeches.

In the lab, all students have access to English newspapers to help them improve their reading skills and expand their vocabulary. Language lab sessions are extremely beneficial for students in terms of improving their soft skills, which significantly increases their employability.

These workshops are especially beneficial for students who wish to continue their education abroad after graduation, as well as those who wish to take standardised examinations such as the IELTS and TOEFL.

Language lab exercises help students develop their entire personality and boost their self-confidence while also improving their communication abilities and soft skills.

Staff- in -charge : Ms. Sajana Shamsuddin, Assistant Professor, Department of Science and Humanities.