The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is well equipped with high-end design and analysis laboratories which are used extensively by the students and faculty members for their curriculum and research activities.

1. Basic Electronics Lab & Electronics Circuits Lab

Faculty In Charge: Dhanya S

Lab in Charge: Gissy V.A

Students of early semesters will be practicing their lab session in circuit theory at Basic Electronics and Electronic Circuits lab .These lab consists of all types of active/passive components, measuring instruments, c athode ray oscilloscopes, function generators and various types of decade boxes.

List of Main Equipments:

  • Ammeter 0 – 1A, 0-200mA, 0-200µA, 0-100µA
  • Function Generator 1MHz and 3MHz
  • Dual Output Power Supply 0 – 32V,2A
  • Four Output Multi Power Supply 0 – 32V/2A
  • Function Pulse Generator 10MHz
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope 50MHz
  • Multimeter
  • Voltmeter 0 -30V, 0-1V
  • Inductance Box

2. Electronics Circuits Lab

Faculty In Charge:Anu K Kuriakose

Lab in Charge: Shibu Ramakrishnan

List of Main Equipments:

  • Function Generator 1Hz-10MHz
  • Digital Ammeter 0-20mA, 0-200mA, 0-200 µA
  • Ammeter 0-1A, 0-200mA, 0-100µA
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope 50MHz
  • LCR Meter
  • Power Supply 0-32V
  • Voltmeter 0-1V, 0-30V
  • Servo Stabiliser 0-230V AC
  • Digital IC Trainer kit
  • Analog and Digital IC Tester
  • Rheostat 0-1KΩ

3. Integrated Circuits Lab

Faculty In Charge:Pearlsy P.V

Lab in Charge: Benny George

Experiments in the IC lab help the students to get exposure about the analog ICs and Digital ICs performances and applications. It helps the students to design the given specification and requirements and also to check for the functionality by using digital IC trainer kits.

List of Main Equipments:

  • Digital IC trainer kit
  • Analog and Digital IC Tester
  • Multimeter
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope 50MHz
  • Dual Output Power Supply 0-32V
  • Function Generator 1MHz  and 3MHz

4. Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab

Faculty In Charge:Dr.Anilkumar M.N

Lab in Charge: Laly V .V

Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab is equipped with programming kits in Intel, Atmel & Microchip processors and Simulation softwares such as Xilinx, MASM, Keil, etc. which creates a practical idea in coding the processor and controller. It helps the students to know the methods of interfacing various peripherals like display, keyboard etc. The Lab is also equipped with the Spartan 3, Spartan 3E Starter Boards which provides a powerful and highly advanced self-contained development platform for designs targeting the Spartan 3E FPGA from Xilinx.

List of Main Equipments:

  • 8051 Microcontroller trainer kit
  • DC motor, LCD
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope 50MHZ
  • Arduino board
  • 21 Desktops
  • Multimeter
  • Digital Signal Processing Kit TMS320C6713,TMS320C6416
  • Interfacing cards (display and keyboard, ADC,DAC, Stepper motor)

5. Communication Lab

Faculty In Charge:Nisha R

Lab in Charge: Sheela K George

In the Communication lab the students get practical exposure to microwave theory, analog and digital communication techniques, sampling processes etc. The laboratory is equipped with microwave test benches, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, different trainer kits in optical fiber communication, satellite communication, various Modulation and Demodulation schemes, etc.

List of Main Equipments:

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope 50 MHz
  • Power Supply 32V/2A
  • Multimeter
  • Inductance Box 100µH – 10H
  • Opto Electronic Apparatus
  • Antenna Trainer
  • Scientific Micro Wave Test Bench MT9000
  • Fibre Optic Apparatus
  • Function Generator 10 MHz

6. Systems Lab

Faculty In Charge: Ambili A R

Lab in Charge: Bini T Abraham

The Systems Laboratory helps the students to have an idea in processor programming and also to implement the logic codes. The lab is equipped with different development boards and platforms like Arduino, Raspberrypi, Papilio, etc., special tools like MODELSIM, XILINX, MATLAB, etc  enable the students to design, analyze, simulate and even compare results with existing industrial standards.

List of Main Equipments:

  • Matlab R2019b(15 user)
  • Matlab Communication Block Set (1 User)
  • Matlab Communication Tool Box(1 User)
  • Matlab Fussy Logic Tool Box(1 User)
  • Matlab Signal Processing Tool Box (5 User)
  • 22 Desktops

7. PG Lab

Faculty In Charge:Dr.Mini P.R

Lab in Charge: Bini T Abraham

The PG Lab is exclusively for the PG students where they can work with DSP development boards, OFC and antenna trainer kits, Spectrum analyzer, RF trainer kits etc. The lab provides softwares needed for design, simulation, and analysis of signal processing and communication systems. Students can design their chips up to 90 nm by using Cadence and alliance tools. Spice simulation software’s provides a platform for circuit analysis and make the student’s job easier.

List of Main Equipments:

  • Digital Signal Processing Starter Kit
  • 17Desktops

8. Centre for Research and Innovations in Signal Processing (CRISP)

Signal processing techniques have come to occupy centre place of importance in engineering and technology as evidenced by the plethora of electronic devices available in the market and which employ simple to complex signal processing operations. This points to the opportunities available for signal processing

The centre has facilities such as:

  • DSP kits like TMS 320C6713, TMS 320C6416, Digital storage oscilloscopes, function generators etc.
  • For simulation purposes, ANSOFT simulation software, Multisim software and PCB design software are also available.
  • Additional facilities include ARM microcontroller kits and OMAP boards.

Some of the research activities in progress in the research centre include:

  1. Transforms of signals for image compression and transmission.
  2. Digital beam forming for mobile communication.
  3. Simulation of different types of Microstrip patch antennas.

The centre has also conducted workshops on MATLAB and ANSOFT simulation software and FPGA trainer kits. Workshops on Audrino and RasberryPi are scheduled in the near future.