Add-On Course offered by the Department

Semester Course Duration in Hours Course Details
I Training on Latex Documentation 8 Students can learn how to document for professional publications and scientific writing through the Complete LaTex Course.
II Training on Arduino 15 Students are able to comprehend how to interface any device, in particular different sensors with an Arduino Uno.
III Training on FUSION 360 7 The fundamentals of Fusion 360 training presents core Fusion 360 ideas before demonstrating how to begin modeling.
IV AI & Soft Computing 15 IOT and Python Programming for Machine Learning
IV Robotics & Automation 15 IOT and Introduction to Robotics
V Placement orientation and training Program 30 Train the students to meet the expectations of the industry through our Career Development Programs.
V Data Structures & Algorithm using Java 15 Learn Data Structures , Algorithms & Problems Solving techniques  and System Design
VI AI & Soft Computing 15 Machine learning and Deep learning techniques
VI Robotics & Automation 15 LABVIEW and Advanced Robotics
VII PLC & VFD 30 Learn about the Programmable logic controllers and variable frequency drive.