Fisat Free Software Cell

The FISAT Free Software Cell (FFSC), established in 2006, is dedicated to promote computer users` rights to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer programs. The FFSC promotes the development and use of free software, particularly the GNU operating system, used widely in its GNU/Linux variant. At present the cell extends its help on a technical basis by doing need based projects for the visually challenged people. The Free Software Cell is one of the most active student organisations operating in FISAT.  FFSC now conducts classes in the Linux operating system, kernel programming and Web application development.

Our Vision

The world of technology is evolving. Computers, once affordable only to companies, are now commonplace, even essential, in any household. The Internet, probably the greatest invention of the 20th century, has brought people closer and thus, has strengthened the role of computers in our age.

The freedom that the internet brings to its millions of users has woken us up to the real meaning of Free Speech. And yet, when we look to the rest of the technological world, we find something missing: that very sense of freedom that we have come to expect from computers. The aspect where we most feel the lack of this freedom is software.

We feel that the power of computing should be available to all people – not just those lucky enough to afford commercial software. We feel that software must be free. Free, not just to use as we please, but free to study, to modify, to share and to redistribute.
With this vision was born the Free Software Cell, and the projects that have sprung from it since.

Our e-mail address is:

Staff-in-Charge : Ms. Merin Cherian, Asst Professor, CSE Dept.