Hobby Automation Club

Hobby Automation Club (HAC) expects to make creative reasoning among understudies to grasp the advancement of electronic devices in this present reality, and furthermore help students in developing their own products. Invited talks, projects as well as different contests will be held all through the year concerning both simple as well as computerized hardware to keep the schedule occupied and persuade the members to learn. Hobby automation club is intended to foster creativity among students towards development of skill related to Automation.


To provide a platform for the students to give a shape to their innovative ideas

To expose the students to the latest technological advancements in the field of electronics.

Expected outcomes

★ Students will be able to be an expert in automation related project works

★ To motivate the students to be a part of national & international level events

★ To publish at least 10 quality publications from each batch of undergraduate students

★ To act as a project hub for UG students

Activities Proposed

  • Workshops
  • Competitions
  • Invited talks


Faculty in charge:  Ms.Sheffy Thomas

Student Members: Clinto Jose, Hima Shibu, Aswathy Bhaskaran Sheela, Augstine Shajan