Main Projects

Projects done during academic year 2020-21

Sl No Topic Guide
1 E-Custos Benoy Abraham
2 Deep learning for channel estimation and signal detection in OFDM systems Basil K Jeemon
3 lidar based obstacle detecting robot Sheelu Susan
4 IoT based smart refrigerator Dhanya S
5 IoT Based Smart Sewage Worker Safety System Sreelekshmy S
6 Lung Cancer Detection Dhanya S
7 Follow Cart Neena K A
8 VCO implementation in cadence Anoop E G
10 IoT based Shopping Mall Minu Kuriakose
11 infographic mirror Sheelu Susan
12 Door Dodge System Sreelekshmy S
13 Eyes on You-Real Time Indoor Tracking and Navigation System Manu Mohan C M
14 Advanced ambulance assistance service Leena Thomas
15 Gesture to voice converter Aiswariya Raj
16 Skin Cancer Detection using MATLAB Anoop E G
17 Unmanned Level Crossing Elza George
18 Fast walkthrough gateway Noble G
19 All terrain moving and climbing up robot for rescue operations Noble G
20 voice, gesture and touch screen based wheel chair Nimmy M Philip
21 A comparative study on cough detection and monitorng system based on Threshold and Deep learning Jeslin P Jo
22 Coordination of Drone and Robots via swarm intellignce Jeslin P Jo
23 Automatic Horn control System Bini V K
24 vehicle number recognition Pearlsy P V
25 Colour balance and fusion for underwater image enhancement Christy Jose