Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

Programme Assessment Committee (PAC) (Twice a semester)

  1. Frames the department calendar consistent with the institute / KTU calendar
  2. 2. Prepares the work allocation for the semester and identifies the status of new recruitments to the department.
  3. Plans steps to improve the quality of the program as informed by the DAC and DQAC.
  4. 4. Organizes the extramural programs and invited talks based on the identified curriculum gaps and communicate them with University.
  5. Evaluates the teaching practices and innovative teaching methods.
  6. Monitors the feedback processes and identifies corrective measures on the overall feedback received from various stakeholders about the program management.
  7. Overall monitoring of the academic activities like, results, PO attainment etc.


Structure of Programme Assessment Committee (PAC)

Director FBS, All CAC Heads, IQAC Coordinator, NAAC / NBA Coordinator