Research Activities

Ph.D. Awarded / Ph.D. Pursuing

Sl No Faculty Name University Research Topic Status
1 Dr. Kavitha P E CUSAT Soil Structure Interaction Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles in Ship Berthing Structures Awarded on August 2017
2 Dr. Unni Kartha G CUSAT Liquefaction studies on sands and its mitigation using stone columns Awarded on August 2019
3 Dr. Asha Joseph CUSAT Dynamic behavior of Ground Supported Cylindrical Water Tanks Subjected to Seismic Loading Awarded on September 2019
4 Dr. Jiji Antony CUSAT Investigation of clay tile waste as partial replacement of cement in masonry mortar and building blocks Awarded on May 2020
5 Ms. Keerthi Sabu CUSAT Effect of support fluids on pile capacity Pursuing
6 Mr. Jawahar Saud S NIT Calicut Air Pollution from an industrial cluster : Risks and responsibilities Pursuing
7 Ms. Sumayya Naznin P H NIT Surathkal Analysis and Prediction of Road Accident Cost Pursuing
8 Ms. Beena B R NITTTR Chennai Developing professional competency of Civil Engineering graduates to meet global standard Pursuing
9 Ms. Smitha S NIT Calicut Liquefaction mitigation of silty sand using gel-type biopolymer Pursuing
10 Ms. Nimisha Mathew College of Engineering Trivandrum Integrated Traffic and Transportation Management System Pursuing
11 Ms. Lidiya PM Rajagiri School of Science and Technology Identifying and Investigating the

Effect of Key Parameters on Energy

Efficiency of Buildings in Warm and

Humid Climatic Zone of India

12 Ms. Panjami K IISc Bangalore study on subsurface cavity detection Pursuing