Electronics Hobby Club (EHC)

Electronics hobby club aims to create innovative thinking among students to understand the development of electronic products in the world today, and also assist students in developing their own products .Various lectures, workshops, projects as well as various competitions will be held throughout the year concerning both analog as well as digital electronics to keep the calendar busy and motivate the participants to learn. Hobby club creates a platform for the students to explore their hands-on skills other than academics which is very useful.




>> Make Onam Brighter with Innovation!

>>  Fast C Challenge

>> Model the Motif in Mind

>> Coding Competition

>> Introduction to Embedded Programing

>> Star Making Competition

>> Short Story Competition

>> Science Video Competition

>> Arduino Online Quiz

>> Electronic Product Design Competition

>> Add-On course: Embedded System Design

>> LED Dancing Circuit Competition




Faculty in charge:
Mr. Noble G, Assistant Professor, ECE Department

Student Representatives:
Athul Ajaykumar ECE, Fathima Nihma ECE