Faculty Profile

Dr. Abi P Mathew
Associate Professor & HoD

Dr. Abi P Mathew is a committed educator with vast experience in teaching and industry. Dr. Abi started his career as Control & Instrumentation Engineer with Keltron Controls for 210 MW Mejia TPS, WB (2001). His industrial experience includes maintenance and commissioning of C&I instruments and controllers in Thermal Power Plants. Dr. Abi’s teaching career was on track at St. Joseph’s College of Engineering & Technology, Palai during 2004. He took his masters in engineering in Control & Instrumentation and his doctorate in Instrumentation along with his teaching assignments there. Dr. Abi has 4 journal publications and 2 conference publications to his credit. He joined FISAT in 2017 and is now serving as head of the department of Electronics & Instrumentation. Dr. Abi P Mathew is a member of Board of Studies (EIE), KTU University.


  1. ‘Comparative Analysis of Flame Image Features for Combustion Analysis’ in Indian Journal of Science and Technology  https://indjst.org/articles/comparative-analysis-of-flame-image-features-for-combustion-analysis
  2. ‘Development of a Video Signal based Non-Invasive method for Measurement of Turbulent Flame Temperature’. in ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied sciences.  http://www.arpnjournals.org/jeas/research_papers/rp_2016/jeas_0216_3556.pdf
  3. Performance Enhancement of a Boiler Using Flame Image Processing’. in Middle east journal of Scientific Research. https://www.idosi.org/mejsr/mejsr24(9)16/20.pdf


  1. Finalist in NIMantra 2008 for the work in “POWER PLANT BOILER FIRING CONTROL AND DATA ACQUISITION”.
  2. Life member of Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE)
  3. Life member of Instrumentation Society of India (ISOI)
  4. Life member of International Society of Automation (ISA)


Dr. Abi P Mathew
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Electronics and Instrumentation

Ph: +91-484-2725231