Faculty Profile

Dr. Ayswarya E P
Assistant Professor(Special Grade)


Dr. Ayswarya E P completed her M.Sc in polymer Chemistry from Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur in 2009. She completed her PhD from CUSAT. She has presented several papers in many national/international conferences. She has guided many B.Tech projects during research periods. She has been working in the department of Science and Humanities as Assistant Professor in Chemistry since January, 2014.

Research & Publications

  1. Ayswarya E.P, Teena Thomas and Eby Thomas Thachil “Preparation and Characterization of HDPE-wood ash composites” Journal of Chemistry and chemical engineering, vol.5 2011 8.
  2. Ayswarya.E.P, Beena T. Abraham and Eby Thomas Thachil, “HDPE-nano ash composites” Journal of applied polymer science, Vol.5 (2011). 
  3. Ayswarya E.P, Vidya Francis K.F, Renju V. S and Eby Thomas Thachil, “Rice husk ash-a valuable reinforcement for HDPE” Journal of materials and designs, vol.41, 2012. 
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