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Dr. Jyothish K John
Professor & HoD

Dr. Jyothish K. John is presently working as a Professor and Head in the department of Computer Science and Engineering. He earned  Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in 2003 from M.S. University,  Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering in 2007 from Karunya University in Coimbatore, and Ph.D. in 2018 from the Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education. He joined FISAT in June 2004. His research interests pertain to the areas of Computer Networks, Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing.  Dr. Jyothish K. John has published more than 18 research papers in various International journals and conferences. He has also been granted a patent. He has 19 years of teaching experience. He is a resource person and has handled expert classes and workshops in the areas of Cloud Computing, Network Simulators and Distributed Computing. He has attended more than 15 workshops and conferences. Dr. Jyothish K. John is a Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner. He has served as a reviewer for International journals and as a session chair for prestigious international conferences. He has organised 3 International conferences. The institution has recognised his contribution by Presenting ‘Best Teacher Award’ in 2016.

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  •  Jyothish K John, “A Study on Workflow Execution Time Prediction’, International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology, Vol:8, Issue 1,2021 page:11-15.


  • Jyothish K John, “A Review of Driver Drowsiness Detection Methods”, International Journal of Novel Research and Development (www.ijnrd.org), ISSN:2456-4184, Vol.8, Issue 2, page no. a1-a6, February-2023,



  • Electronic Viewfinder for Digital Camera Patent No :345383-001

Date 27/06/2021.


  • Head of the department from 2021
  • AWS certified Cloud Practitioner from January 2021
  • Resource Person for FDP on ‘Web Application Development and Deployment in Cloud’ conducted in FISAT 29 Aug -2nd Sep 2022.
  • Resource Person for FDP ‘Distributed Systems held in SNGCE on 30th Jan – 1st Feb 2023. 
  • Resource Person for in-house Internship 2017-21 batch May 2019 
  • Resource Person for Workshop on NS-2 in ICEFOSS ’11   on      26th Aug 2011
  • Resource Person for Workshop on NS-2 in colloquium on Network Security Simulation in MEA, Perintelmanna 26th March 2012
  • College Union Staff In-charge for 11 Years
  • NAAC and NBA Criteria Convenor
  • Staff Editor for Department News Letter for 7 Volumes
  • General Convenor for Inter College Arts Fest for 3 years.
  • ‘Single Point of Contact’ for Smart India Hackathon 2017 and 2018
  • General Chair for IEEE International Conference 2023, Programme Chair for 2020
  • Session Chair for 3 International Conference and 2 National Conference
  • Reviewer for 4 International Conferences.
  • Organiser of 5 National Free Software Conferences in the Institution
  • Department placement representative from 2015-2021
  • Conducted Several Workshops and FDPs, in Association with IITB and MHRD.
  • Served as Exam Cell Convenor.
  • Secured NPTEL certification for ‘Computer Networks and Internet Protocols’
  •  Awarded Ph.D. in “QoS in Networks”


  • Electronic Viewfinder for Digital Camera Patent No :345383-001

           Date 27/06/2021..

  • Doctorial Committee Member in KTU

Dr. Jyothish K John,

Professor and Head,

Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

FISAT, Mookkannoor P. O, Angamaly.




Phone:0484 2725225