Faculty Profile

Lt. Dr. Prasad J C


Dr. Prasad started his career as a lecturer in the Department of Computer Applications of Union Christian College, Aluva from October 2001. He has published 15 research papers in International Journals and 21 research papers in National and International Conferences.

Dr. Prasad worked as HoD of the CSE Department from 27th Sept 2006 to 30 June 2021. Dr. Prasad received the ‘Best Teacher Award’ from FISAT in the year 2014. He has also won the ‘Best Paper Award’ for research scholars at the National Conference on ‘Computing and Communication 2011’ organized by Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. He has obtained four grants from AICTE, KTU, CSI and KSCSTE. He worked as the Nodal Officer for FISAT to MHRD for 10 years and was Chairman of the Disciplinary Action Committee, FISAT from 2016 to 2020. He had attended 17 SDP/QIP/Refresher programmes/NPTEL/online certifications. He is a life member of ISTE. 

Dr. Prasad is currently in charge of the newly arising NCC unit in FISAT as Care Taker Officer, Anti Ragging Nodal Officer, Chief editor of the College Newsletter –Impetus, College Handbook Publications, Hostel Monitoring, new courses establishments, M.Tech Programmes Co-ordinator, POC for the research project activities with NiSH and Publication Chair of the 6th International Conference ‘ACCTPHA-2023’.

Educational Qualification

Examination Name of the Qualification Institution & Year of passing Division/ Class/Grade Branch/Discipline
Graduation B.Sc St.Thomas College, Trichur, Calicut University 1998 First Class Mathematics
Post-Graduation1 M.C.A Kumara Guru College of Engineering, CBE 2001 First Class Computer Science
Bharathiyar University
Post-Graduation2 M.Tech Dr.MGR Educational & Research Institute, Chennai 2006 First Class with Distinction Computer Science & Engineering
Research Work Ph.D Dr.MGR Educational & Research Institute, Chennai 2012 Not Applicable Computer Science & Engineering


Name of the Institution Period
Union Christian College, Alwaye 01/09/2001 26/09/2006
Federal Institute of Science and Technology[FISAT] 27/09/2006 Till date

Awards and honours

  • Commissioned as Lieutenant by Ministry of Defence for the NCC in Sept 2023
  • Best Teacher Award: The institution has recognised his contribution by Presenting ‘Best Teacher Award’ in 2014.
  • ‘Best Paper Award’ at the National Conference on ‘Computing and Communication 2011’ organized by Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.
  • Received Best CSI Student Branch National Award consecutively in three years 2008, 2009 and 2010, when working as the Head of the CSE Department.
  • Conference Chair of International conference ICHPC from 2008 to 2021.
  • Chief Editor: Published Annual Newsletter of FISAT ‘Impetus’ from 2014 to 2021 as chief editor. 

Administrative & Institutional Support

Administrative and institutions support

  1. HOD of CSE Department from September 2006to June  2021.
  2.  Organised  five international conferences and nine National level conference  with the sponsorship from CSIR, DST, CSI, IEEE, etc
  3. Started Shagheej Memorial Scholarship for deserving students.
  4. Organised Internship programs for students with the support of Industry support, every year
  5. Industry Supported Lab-iOS started with the support of Apple.
  6. Designed software ‘Keam Predication’ to help students during admission.
  7. M.Tech  Coordinator
  8. NCC Officer
  9. Anti Ragging Nodal Officer
  10. Hostel Academic Performance Monitoring Committee-Convener (2021-23)
  11. College Handbook & Calendar Publication(2020-22)
  12. New B.Tech and M.Tech Course Starting and Closure Responsibility(2021-22 ) 
  13. Enquiry officer of more than 20 enquires for the in disciplinary activities of students & Staff
  14. Nodal officer for the Project work with NiSH(Central Govt Institution)
  15. PTE Executive committee member. 2007-2009. 2014, 2022
  16. Institute Representative for NPTEL examinations in 2019-2022
  17. College Nodal officer, MHRD for AISHE (2012- 2021)
  18. Disciplinary Action Committee-Chairman (for examinations) (2015-2021)
  19. Chief Editor-College Annual News letter- ‘Impetus’ (2014 to  2022)
  20. Chief Superintendent[External] for the University exams at Adisankara Engineering College from FISAT (2014- 2017)
  21. Institute Faculty-in charge to conduct Supplementary Lab Examinations & Re-Do of internal examinations of M.G.University  2017- 2019.
  22.  Represented FISAT for various Meeting/ Admission related seminars in Trivandrum, Cochin and Calicut every year(2008- 2018)

Professional body memberships

ISTE Life Member, Membership No: LM93512


Research & Publications

Name of the Project Agency Amount (Rs)
RPS Project AICTE 200000/-
Students Project Scheme KSCSTE 10,000/-
Funded FDP KTU 100000/-
Digital Currency Promotion Project Federal bank 40,000/-
A Decentralised Approach to Certificate Management: Leveraging Block Chain Technology to Enhance Security and Transparency FISAT 100000/-

Details of Patents 


                                       USING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TECHNIQUES


Published Works

  • International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), USA, “Multiple String Matching Algorithms Performance Study on Beowulf Clusters”, Nov 2011, Page 14-20


  • International Journal of Computer Science and Communication(IJCSC), “String Searching Algorithm Implementation-Performance Study With Two Cluster Configuration”, Sept 2010, Page 551-555


  • International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, “Performance Prediction of Single Static String Algorithms on Cluster Configurations”, June 2011, Page 300-306


  • International Journal of Advance Computing Science International Journal of Computational Intelligence (ACS-IJCI), “Pattern Searching Implementation in Beowulf Cluster Architecture: Case Study’, 2010, Page 63-72.


  • International Journal of Research in Engineering & Applied Science, “Cluster Architecture for Parallelism Technologies”, October 2011, Page 18-34.


  • Journal of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (JCMS), “Prediction of Multiple String Searching Algorithm Performance on Two Beowulf Cluster Configurations”, February 2012, Page 19-35


  • International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), USA., “Cognitive Sorting” , IJCA Special Issue on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for HPC Applications ACCTHPCA(3):6-10, July 2012.


  • International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology, (IJARCET), ‘A Survey on Moving Object Detection, Volume 3 Issue 11, November 2014.


  • International Bulletin of Mathematical Research- IBMR, “High-Performance K-Means using Temporary Server Queuing System”, Published in IBMR, Volume 2, Issue 1, ISSN: 2394-7892, March 2015


  • Global Research and Development Journal for Engineering(GRD journals), Development Phases of Technologies in Face Recognition Systems.


  • International Conference by Central Government for DAM Safety(IDSC 2019), Flood monitoring and Prediction Using Phylogenetic Tree Generation System based on UPGMA method for Kerala: A prototype Tool for Decision Assistance


  • International Bulletin of Mathematical Research- IBMR, High-Performance K-Means using Temporary Server Queuing System, Published in Volume 2, Issue 1,  March 2015


  • Global Research and Development Journal for Engineering, Feature Extraction Techniques for Facial Expression Recognition Systems, , Volume 1, Issue 2,  January 2016


  • International Research Journal of Engineering and Management Studies (IRJEMS), Tracking Illicit Drug Dealing and Abuse on Social Media Using Multimodal Analysis, Volume: 03 Issue: 05 | May -2019


  • Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry (TOJQI), Deep Learning Approach For Identifying and Classifying Cancer Types Using BPSO and GAN, Volume 12, Issue 7, July 2021



Contributed Chapter 12 of “Computing and Communication” on ‘Performance Prediction of String Algorithms on Cluster Configurations’, published by Narosa Publishers. ISBN: 978-81-8487-178-4, Page: 78-90.




  • Editor of Proceedings of National Seminar on ’Advanced Networking Technology and Security Issues’ from 8-10 Aug 2007.


  • Editor of Proceedings of International Conference on ’Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for High-Performance Applications from 24-26 Sept 2008.


  • Editorial Member of Proceedings of International Conference on ’Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for High-Performance Application in 2010.


  • Co-Editor of IJCA Journal online publication special edition on ’Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for High-Performance Application in 2012.


  • Co-Editor of IJCA Journal online publication special edition on ’Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for High-Performance Application in 2014



FDPs/Trainings attended

Name of the Programme Institution Period
UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in the subject ‘Networks and its applications’ Dept of Computer Applications, Cochin 3-3-2003 to 25-3-2003
‘Professional Development Programme for the Principals & Teachers of             Technical/ Professional Colleges’ Organized by AAIDU & AIIHRD at Banglore 16th May to 22nd May 2004
AICTE sponsored QIP – Short Term Course on “Software Quality Assurance  and Testing” By Anna University, Chennai 20-2-2006 to 4-03-2006
UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in the subject ‘Bioinformatics’ University of Kerala. 28-1-2008 to 18-2-2008,
AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programme on “Distributed  System- An Academic and Industrial Perspective” PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. November 10 –  23, 2008
Mathematical Society of USA sponsored International Workshop and Conference on ’Fractals and wavelets’ Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology 9-16 Nov 2013
STTP on Outcome based Education(OBE)-A gateway for NBA accreditation CUSAT 12-16 Feb 2018
The Joy of Computing using Python NPTEL FDP by IIT Madras 2021
BlockChain Technologies St.Gits College of Engineering, Kottayam 2022
PRCN Course for NCC Officers Training Academy, Nagpur June to Sept 2023

Resource Person

Resource person

  1. Resource Person in various colleges and schools to conduct Classes on HPC, Python, software Engineering, Cyber Security  & Career Guidance.


Projects Guided

  • 2019 : Robotic glove
  • 2021: Deep Learning Approach For IdentifyingAndClassifying Cancer Types Using BPSO And GAN
  • 2022: Automating Procurement Contracts in the Healthcare Supply Chain Using Blockchain Smart Contracts
  • 2023:  System for Improving Transparency and Efficiency in Milk Supply Chain Management with Block Chain Technology
  • 2024: Certificates Reinvented: Secure Decentralised, Blockchain-backed NFTs

Courses offered

Courses offered

  • Software Engineering
  • CASE lab
  • Object Orieneted Modeling and Design
  • Bioinformatics
  • Python
  • C ,COBOL, Visual basic  programming
  • Client Server Architecture
  • E-commerce
  • High Performance Computing