Faculty Profile

Ms. Beenu Riju
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)


Ms. Beenu Riju has completed her B.E in Electronics & Instrumentation from RVS College of Engineering & Technology,Dindigul and M.E in Applied Electronics from AMS Engineering College, Namakkal. She Published papers on International & National journals & conferences. Guided many funded projects. She has 9 months of industrial experience and 13.5 years of teaching experience. Her areas of interests are Sensors & Process Control. She has handled subjects such as Sensors & Transducers, Process Control, Industrial Instrumentation, Biomedical Instrumentation, Power Electronics & Instrumentation, Basic Electronics, Logic Circuit Design, Electronic Circuits, Analog Integrated Circuits, Design Engineering & Sustainable Engineering.Publications 1. “Compression & Comparison of ECG signals using Wavelets and Wavelet Packets”, Indian Journal of Science & Technology, Vol ,issue 24,10.17485/ist/2015/v8i24/83319 . 2. “Direction Sensitive Wavelet Packet for Despeckling of Ultrasound Images”, International Conference on Advances in Applied Mathematics,Material Science & Nanotechnology for Engineering & Industrial Applications ICAMMNE-2016. 3. “Compression & Comparison of ECG signals using DWT & DWPT”, International Conference on Soft Computing & Applied Sciences-ICSCASE-2015. 4. “A Noval Approach in Air Conditioning using Electrocaloric Effect”, National symposium on Antennas, Signal Processing & Interdisciplinary Research in Electronics (ASPIRE). 5. “Air Conditioning using Magnetic Cooling”, International Conference (IEEE) on Technological Advancements in power & Energy (TAP) 2017 6. “Data Presentation using Virtual reality”, IEEE2018 International conference on circuits and systems in Digital Enterprise technology.


  1. ‘Air Conditioning using Magnetic Cooling’ in International Conference (IEEE)on Technological
    Advancements in power & Energy (TAP) 2017  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UAoDd4B3E5LHfu7A4A7Slbv22Vpl0hpq/view?usp=sharing
  2. ‘Data Presentation using Virtual reality’ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1icuh0YLJQSp8NTB0xd8FLwRSKiz3oMxE/view?usp=sharing


1. NPTEL topper 5% for the course: Enhancing soft skills & personality in IITK, Online Certification Course

2. NPTEL Mentor for the course: Enhancing soft skills & personality in IITK, Online Certification Course

3. NPTEL topper 5% for the course: Innovation by Design in IITB, Online Certification Course

4. Secured 72% for the NPTEL course: Introduction to Biomimicry in IITM, Online Certification Course.





Mrs. Beenu Riju

Asst. Professor (Sr.Grade), Department of Electronics and Instrumentation.

Room No:  SB 205

Ph No: +91 9745587775