Faculty Profile

Ms. Pearlsy P V
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

Ms.Pearlsy PV has completed her B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from  Govt. College of Engineering, Kannur in the year 2004. She completed M.Tech in Signal Processing from NIT Calicut in the year 2013. She has worked as Lecturer in the School of Engineering, CUSAT during the period September 2005 to April 2007. She joined as Lecturer in FISAT on  12/4/2007 She is pursuing PhD in the School of Engineering, CUSAT from  2016 onwards. She has published 4 papers in IEEE Explore. She is a lifetime member of ISTE.

  • Pearlsy PV, Sankar D. A Novel Simplified Approach for Text Line Extraction of Handwritten Malayalam Document. In2020 Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for High Performance Applications (ACCTHPA) 2020 Jul 2 (pp. 43-48). IEEE.
  • Pearlsy PV, Sankar D. Implementation of compressive sensing for speech signals. In 2018 8th International Symposium on Embedded Computing and System Design (ISED) 2018 Dec 13 (pp. 162-166). IEEE.
  • Glinet A. D. Silva, Pearlsy PV, Ambili AR, Secure Analog Joint Source Channel Coding for Image Transmission Conference: Proceedings of the Advances in Technology, Engineering and Computing A Multinational Colloquium – 2017
  • Johnson J, Ambili AR, Pearlsy PV. Motion video KNN-SVD denoising algorithm. In2017 International Conference on Energy, Communication, Data Analytics and Soft Computing (ICECDS) 2017 Aug 1 (pp. 1761-1766). IEEE.
  • Viswanath K, Pearlsy PV. Cryptocoding system based on AES and concatenated coding scheme involving BCH and QC-LDPC. In2015 International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Computing and Communication Technology (ICATCCT) 2015 Oct 29 (pp. 189-194). IEEE.