Faculty Profile

Dr. Siyamol Chirakkarottu
Assistant Professor (Special Grade)


Dr. Siyamol Chirakkarottu received her Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from School of Engineering CUSAT, in 2004. She pursued her Master’s degree in Computer & Information Science and PhD from Cochin University of Science & Technology. She started her career as a lecturer in Department of Information Technology, CUSAT, during 2005 – 2007. Also worked as Lecturer in Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology. Since November 2009, she is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Angamaly. Her specializations include Bioinformatics, Image processing, Image encryption, DNA cryptography and Database management Systems.

Educational Qualification

Degree Specialization University Year
B.Tech Information Technology CUSAT 2004
M.Tech Computer & Information systems CUSAT 2009
P.hD Image processing CUSAT 2022



Assistant professor (Special grade) FISAT 2019 NOV to till date
Assistant professor FISAT 2011 Sept– 2019 Nov
Lecturer FISAT 2009 Nov – 2011 Sept
Lecturer Rajagiri college of Engineering 2009

Awards and honours

  • Gate 2006 qualified with 97 percentage score.
  • Second rank, M.Tech, Department of CS, CUSAT

Administrative & Institutional Support

BTech admission cell member in  2024

Member of Program Assessment Committee, CSE Dept

Research & Publications

Ph.D title:  “Study, Design and Development of Novel Encryption Technique for Digital Images Using Chaotic Map and DNA Cryptography”

Centre : School of Engineering, CUSAT. 

  1. Siyamol Chirakkarottu, Dr. Sheena Mathew, ‘A novel encryption method for medical images using 2D Zaslavski map and DNA cryptography’, SN Applied Sciences (2020) 2:1, pages: 1-10. (ESCI , SCOPUS) 
  2. Siyamol Chirakkarottu, Dr. Sheena Mathew, ‘A Novel Secure and Robust encryption scheme for medical images’, Current Medical Imaging, volume 17, issue 1, year 2021, pages: 73-88. (SCIE, SCOPUS)
  3. Siyamol Chirakkarottu, Dr. Sheena Mathew, ‘A comparative analysis of image encryption techniques using chaotic maps and DNA cryptography’, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, Vol. 10, 15-Special Issue, Nov 2018, pages: 301-314, (SCOPUS)
  4. Siyamol Chirakkarottu, Dr. Sheena Mathew, ‘Summarization on dna cryptography’, IJERT, Vol 2, Issue 11, Nov 2013, ISSN: 2278-0181, Pages: 303-306.
  5. Siyamol Chirakkarottu , ‘Secure encryption method for biometric iris pattern’, IJCTT ,vol 12, issue may 2014, ISSN 2231- 2803(UGC listed)
  6. Siyamol Chirakkarottu, Arya Babu M B, Arunima Raj B, Anjali V K and Aiswarya Poosari5, ‘Camouflage Object Detection System: A Review’, Grenze International Journal of Engineering and Technology, June Issue, Grenze ID: 01.GIJET.8.2.517_2, © Grenze Scientific Society, 2022-SCOPUS 
  7. Siyamol Chirakkarottu, Dr. Sheena Mahew, ‘’DNA cryptography with chaotic mapping on images: a comparative study’, IJCA,2014
  8. Siyamol Chirakkarottu, Dr. Sheena Mathew, ‘A review on medical image encryption techniques in Telemedicine applications’, Fifth International Joint Colloquiums on Computer, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil – CEMC 2020. (Published in Grenze International Journal of Engineering and Technology through conference CEMC 2020).
  9. Siyamol Chirakkarottu, Dr. Sheena Mathew, ‘A Novel Digital image encryption scheme using nonlinear mathematical model’, 2021 International Conference on Communication, Control and Information Sciences (ICCISc) 978-1-6654-0295-8/21, pages. 485-490 (Published in IEEE Xplore through conference) .
  10. Dr. Siyamol Chirakkarottu, Navya P Menon, Pranoy Lloyd Joseph, Sam Varghese,, ‘A Survey of Image Enhancement Techniques: From Traditional to Deep Learning Approaches’, TIJER, ISSN 2349-9249, © April 2023 Volume 10, Issue 4 |, www.tijer.org

FDPs/Trainings attended

  1. 5-day Workshop & FDP on “Integrated Circuits and Systems for AI, IIIT Kottayam, 8-12 May 2023
  2. FDP on “Distributed Computing”, SNGCE, Kadayiruppu, 30th Jan – 1st Feb, 2023
  3. FDP on “Web Application Development and Application Deployment in Cloud, FISAT, 29th Aug – 2nd Sep 2022
  4. FDP on “Practical Data Science”, SJCET, Palai, 19th -23rd July 2021 
  5. FDP on “Speech Processing in Deep Learning”, College Of Engineering, Aranmula, 12th – 16th July 2021 
  6. Workshop on “NAAC Revised Accreditation Framework”, FISAT, 10th, 19th,  22nd & 23rd          July 2021
  7. FDP on “Exploring Image Processing and Computer Vision Using Python”, College ofEngineering, Kidangoor, 1st – 5th, March 2021
  8. FDP on “Latest Trends and Challenges in IT Industry”, R.M.D Engineering College, Chennai, 15th – 20th June 2020
  9. FDP on “Tips and Tricks of Research Publications, Patent filing and Research Grant”, Kings Engineering College, Chennai, 10th – 12th June 2020
  10. FDP on “Emerging trends in Computer Science- An Industrial Approach”, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, 24th – 28th June 2020

Projects Guided

  1. Underwater image enhancement. 2023
  2. Camouflage object detection, 2022
  3. Speech to image translation, 2021
  4. Facial expression training platform for individuals with autism spectrum disorder’, 2018
  5. Tongue controlled wheel chair’, 2018
  6. Detection and recovery of tampered images’, 2013
  7. Watermarking and recovery of tampered images’, 2012
  8. Detection of salt and pepper noise of grey scale images’, 2012

Courses offered

Image processing


Image encryption

Database management systems

Logic system design

Cyber forensics

Computer organization



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