Faculty Profile

Ms. Sumayya Naznin P H
Assistant Professor

Ms Sumayya Naznin P H completed her B.Tech in Civil Engineering from College of Engineering Trivandrum and M Tech in Civil Engineering with specialisation in Transportation Engineering with First Rank and Gold Medal from National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Karnataka. Since 2013, she is working as Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering at Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Angamaly, Kerala, India. She is currently pursuing her PhD at National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Karnataka. Her research interests are Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Costing of road accidents, Statistical analysis of accidents etc.


Assistant Professor FISAT 26/07/2013 – till date

Academic Credentials:

Sl.No. Degree Specialization Institute University Year of Passing
1 B.Tech Civil Engineering CET,Trivandrum Kerala University 2011
2 M.Tech Transportation Engineering NIT Karnataka Surathkal NIT,Surathkal 2013



First Rank with Gold Medal for M Tech from NITK


Programme Place Date
Faculty Development Programme FISAT 23/8/13 – 24/8/13
Faculty Development Programme FISAT 04/06/14-06/06/14
Faculty Development Programme on Lab Procedures of Environmental Engineering Lab FISAT 31-01-2017
Faculty Development Programme on “Mentoring and Counseling Skills for Psychological Change” conducted by ICT Academy of FISAT 28/06/17 – 30/06/17
NPTEL Workshop by IIT Madras FISAT 20-07-2017
Two day NBA workshop FISAT 26/04/18 -27/04/18
Basic Course in Transactional Analysis Institute for Counseling and Transactional Analysis FISAT 05/12/18 -07/12/18
Six day Faculty Development Workshop on Design of Advanced Concrete Structures FISAT 03/07/19-10/07/19
Six day online Faculty Development Programme on Construction Industry-Present and Future Trends FISAT 21/06/21-26/06/21
FDP on LATEX IIT BOMBAY spoken tutorial IIT BOMBAY 11/06/21-17/06/21
FDP on R IIT BOMBAY spoken tutorial IIT BOMBAY 21/06/21-27/06/21

Seminars/Workshops attended:

Programme Place Date
ISTE Workshop on Engineering Mechanics FISAT 26/11/13 – 06/12/13
STTP on Transportation system management & operation M A College of Engineering 17/11/14 – 21/11/14
Workshop on Question Paper Setting (KTU) FISAT 18/08/15
Workshop on Joy of Teaching FISAT 12/01/16
NPTEL Workshop by IIT Madras FISAT 20/07/17
ISTE STTP on “Guidance and Counselling” St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, Palai 04/12/17 – 08/12/17
Two day NBA workshop on Accreditation FISAT 26/04/18 -27/04/18
Online workshop on LATEX FISAT 07/07/20 -10/07/20
STTP on “Guidance and Counselling” St. Joseph’s college of Engineering, Palai 08/02/21 -13/02/21
Online workshop on “How to design a Questionnaire” Commacad 09/04/22 -10/04/22


B.Tech Project Guided

  1. “Effect of Marble dust and coir fibre content on indirect tensile strength of stone matrix asphalt mixtures”, Reshmi Raveendran, Sanjana C N, Sherin James, Subalakshmi P A, 2017.
  2. “Road Safety Audit at Karayamparambu Junction”, Shahil Mohamed Paramban, Shifad Sahan, Silpa Saju, Yadupriya Jithendran, 2018.
  3. “Laboratory investigation on rubber modified bituminous mix”, Megha S, Mohammed Aslam, Parvaty Mohandas, Rahel Mol Eldhose, 2018.
  4. “Accident prediction modelling and crash scene investigation”, Robin Davis, Rohan Varghese, Shiya Babu, Sowmya Zaviar, 2020.
  5. “Accident costing of Ernakulam city using Human Capital Approach”, Aiswarya Anand, Arthika Francis, Bently Biju Koshy, Devasena P M, 2022.

Staff Room 2

Decennial Block (DB 307)

Ph: +91-484-2725-014

emailid: sumayyanaznin@fisat.ac.in