Faculty Profile

Ms.Veena Wilson
Assistant Professor

Ms. Veena Wilson completed her B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Rajagiri College of Engineering and Technology Kakkanad and M.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with specialization in Electrical Machines from Government College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram. After completing her M.Tech, she started her career as Lecturer in Electrical and Electronics engineering at Sahrdaya College Of Engineering & Technology, Thrissur, Kerala in 2012. She worked as a Gate Coaching lecturer at Government Engineering College , Thrissur during 2013-2014.Since 2014, she is working as Assistant Professor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Angamaly, Kerala, India. Over this period of time, she has taught subjects including Basic Electrical Engineering, Network Analysis and Synthesis, DC machines and Transformers, Electrical Machine Design, Synchronous Machines and Special Electrical Machines. Currently she is pursuing her PhD at Cochin University.


Papers presented in journals:

  1. Assymetrical Half Bridge Convergence  with a Solar Panel and a Direct Control Incremental Conductance MPPT Algorithm“, Luxy Xavier, Veena Wilson, IJIRSET, November 2015, Volume 4, Issue 11  ISSN online :2319-8753 ISSN Print :2347-6710 Impact factor 5.442
  2. Traking of maximum power point using direct control algorithm with a DC-DC converter and a BLDC motor for domestic application“, Luxy Xavier, Veena Wilson, International Journal of Engineering & Innovative Technology, April 2015, ISSN 2277-3754, Volume 4, Issue 10
  3. Closed loop control implementation of switched boost inverter for PV applications with AC/DC loads“, Saranya Sasi, Veena Wilson, International Journal of Engineering & Technology, April 2015, ISSN:2278-0181, Volume 4, Issue 4
  4. An Isolated Single Switch PV Integrated DC–DC Converter“, Rinu P, Veena Wilson, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), September 2016, ISSN (Online): 2319-7064 Index Copernicus Value (2013): 6.14 Impact Factor (2015): 6.391
  5. Performance Comparison of Conventional and Modified Current-Fed Switched Inverter“, Revathy P, Veena Wilson, International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, March 2017, Volume 6, Special Issue 5, March 2017 ISSN (online):2319 -8753 ISSN(Print):2347-6710


Papers presented in conferences:

  1. Modeling and Simulation of Solar Powered MPPT Based Z-source Inverter Controlled Sensorless BLDC Motor“, Veena Wilson Shajilal A. S. , National conference on Technological Trends, August 2012, CET, Trivandrum, August 2012. 
  2. Single-phase high gain DC/DC converter with multiplier cell for lighting applications using fuzzy controller“, Saranya Sasi, Veena Wilson, Online International Conference on Green Engineering and Technologies (IC-GET), Coimbatore, 2015, Pages: 1 – 6, DOI: 10.1109/GET.2015.7453821 IEEE Conference Publications, 27-27 Nov. 2015, INSPEC Accession Number:15936745.
  3. Performance Analysis of SRM with Two Stage Commutation for Effective Vibration Reduction,” V. Wilson and Latha P.G., 2021 IEEE International Power and Renewable Energy Conference (IPRECON), 2021, pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1109/IPRECON52453.2021.9641037.
  4. Improved Two Stage Commutation for Effective Vibration Reduction in Switched Reluctance Motor using Particle Swarm Optimization,” Veena Wilson, Latha  P.G. and Vinida K, 2022 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Smart Grid, and Renewable Energy (PESGRE), 2022, pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1109/PESGRE52268.2022.9715957

Ms. Veena Wilson is is pursuing her PhD at Cochin University.