Language Lab

The FISAT language lab is a state-of-the-art facility for inculcating reading, writing and listening skills in English language among the students. Language labs are an effective and popular aid of language learning in the modern world. The language lab in FISAT is centrally air-conditioned, highly sophisticated and equipped with all the modern amenities for students to improve their communication competence. There are 71 systems, out of which 68 are student consoles, two systems are teacher consoles and one is connected to the projector. The software used is a licensed one known as “Tell me More” with which students can listen, practice, learn and improve their competency in using English Language, at their own pace using the individual system allotted to them. As all the systems are connected to two teacher consoles, students are monitored by the concerned teacher and they get individual attention from the teacher who monitors their progress. Language lab aims to maintain good linguistic proficiency through accuracy in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. Many inspiring and motivating speeches by famous personalities are shown to the students and they are either required to make presentations or write assignments based on what they could grasp after listening to these speeches. English newspapers are also provided in the lab for all students to upgrade their reading skills and also to enrich their vocabulary. Language lab sessions are very useful for students to improve their soft skills which gives a tremendous boost to their employability. These sessions are also beneficial to those students who wish to pursue their studies abroad after their graduation and also for those who wish to take standardized tests like IELTS and TOEFL. Apart from enhancing their communication skills and soft-skills, language lab activities additionally help the students in developing their overall personality and in boosting their self-confidence.

Staff-in-charge: Ms. Sajana Shamsuddin, Assistant Professor