Full Fee Waiver Scheme by Management

The management offers full fee waiver for meritorious students who secure ranks up to 3000 and admitted in FISAT through Govt. Quota. They have to remit the required fees in the bank as notified by CEE and produce the receipt for refund of the amount. Sustained progress is required to continue in the scheme.

Full Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme

The AICTE approved Tuition Fee Waiver scheme is implemented in the college. Accordingly 5% of the total intake will be filled under this scheme. These seats will be filled by the Govt. eligibility for admission will be as per the norms of this scheme. The selection is made purely on the basis of Kerala Engineering Entrance Examination rank list and family income.

Other scholarships include Central Sector Scholarship, Merit cum Means Scholarships, SC Scholarships, ST Scholarships, OEC Scholarships, Indian Oil Scholarships, Children of Fishermen Scholarships, Muslim Girls Scholarship, NEFT/SC Scholarship, Federation of welfare Scholarship, Ex-service man scholarships and Prime Minister's scholarships.