To assist and mould the students of the department, an excellent mentorship system is being created at the individual level. A mentor (group advisor) has been appointed to a group of 30 students. A student can consult their mentor at any moment regarding any academic or non-academic concern. The mentors monitor the academic performance of students in the group and motivate them to score good grades. They also provide career assistance and inspire them to grow into socially committed individuals.

Details of Mentors

Batch Year A Batch B Batch
2023 Ms. Manju Joy (Roll No:1-30) Dr. Shahna K U (Roll No:1-30)
Dr. Rakhi Venugopal (Roll No:31-60) Ms. Joice T (Roll No:31-60)
2022 Mr. Nithin Rajan (Roll No:1-30) Dr. Sujesh P Lal (Roll No:1-30)
Ms. Sona Mary Louis (Roll No:31-61) Ms. Anju L (Roll No:31-60)
2021 Dr. Santhosh Kottam (Roll No:1-30) Dr. Shidha M V(Roll No:1-30)
Ms. Rose Mary Mathew(Roll No:31-59) Ms. Senu Abi (Roll No:31-60)
2020 Ms. Joice T (Roll No:1-30) Dr. Deepa Mary Mathews (Roll No:1-30)
Ms. Manju Joy (Roll No:31-58) Dr. Rakhi Venugopal (Roll No:31-59)
2019 Ms. Senu Abi (S4) (Roll No:1-29) Ms. Shidha M V (S4)(Roll No: 1-29)
Ms. Anju L (S3) (Roll No:1-29) Ms. Rose Mary Mathew (S3) (Roll No: 1-29)