Embracing the Spirit of Compassion

Friday, September 29,2023

FISAT NSS Units APJ AKTU NSS Cell Unit Nos.104 & 568 celebrated NSS Day with great spirit and compassion. At 9:45, a flag hoisting ceremony marked the beginning, with our chairman Shri. Shimit P R hoisting the flag, treasure Jenib kachappally, Rajavarma sir, Vice Principal Dr. Mini P R, Director Dr. C Sheela, Civil HoD Dr. Jiji Antony and several dignitaries sharing words of inspiration and support to NSS family. Laddoos were joyously distributed among all present.

Later, NSS volunteers spend their day with the orphans of Nazreth Balabhavan, where 20 students and caring sisters welcomed them. The volunteers engaged in dancing, singing, and craft-making sessions, creating beautiful butterflies, flowers, boats, and spinners together. Lunch, refreshments, and snacks were served, filling the day with happiness. The event left a deep impact in the hearts of the NSS members, which was evident in their teary eyes as they left the venue.