Department Newsletter

PIXEL, the annual newsletter of the department recaps the activities/achievements of the department and is a forum to connect with all the stakeholders of the department. The purpose of the Department of Computer Applications Newsletter is multifaceted:

  1. Communication: It serves as a means of communication within the department, keeping faculty, staff, and students informed about important updates and achievements.
  2. Recognition: The newsletter highlights the achievements of both faculty and students, providing recognition for their hard work, accomplishments, and contributions to the department and the field of computer applications.
  3. Engagement: By featuring faculty spotlights, student achievements, and alumni success stories, the newsletter aims to engage readers and foster a sense of community within the department.
  4. Information Dissemination: It disseminates information about the department on many fronts and draws attention of the stakeholders to the recent activities/achievements of the department.

Editorial Board Members

  1. Dr Deepa Mary Mathews (Chief Editor & Head of the Department of Computer Applications)
  2. Dr. Rakhi Venugopal (Associate Editor, PIXEL)
  3. Ms. Anju L (Associate Editor, PIXEL)


PIXEL Volume 1

PIXEL Volume 2

PIXEL Volume 3

PIXEL Volume 4

PIXEL Volume 5


PIXEL Volume 6