Innovative Teaching Learning Methods

Flipped Classroom

This blended learning model allows trainers to prioritize active learning during class time, by giving learners the training materials and presentations before the actual class. The trainer can simply share the content via a learning management system (LMS), email, or however training is delivered.

The following subjects used Flipped model learning method.

  1. EST102- Programming in C
  2. EC302 – Digital Communication, Flipped classroom activity conducted for PCM
  3. EC404, Advanced Communication Systems, Flipped classroom activity conducted on Modern Wireless Techniques.
  4. EST130 Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Flipped classroom activity  conducted on the concepts of Cellular Communication and GSM

Think Pair Share[TPS]

Think : Students think independently about the question that has been posed, forming ideas of their own.

Pair : Students are grouped in pairs to discuss their thoughts. This step allows students to articulate their ideas  and to consider  those of others.

Share :  Students pairs share their ideas with a larger group, such as the whole class or a group smaller than an entire class.

The following subjects used TPS

  1. EC302 – Digital Communication, Tutorial 2 was conducted as TPS activity. Students were given to discuss and find the basis vectors using GSO procedure.
  2. EC204 – Analog Integrated Circuits- The topic Effect of frequency in open loop gain was conducted as TPS

Jigsaw Method

The jigsaw technique is a method of organizing classroom activity that makes students dependent on each other to succeed. It breaks classes into groups and breaks assignments into pieces that the group assembles to complete the (jigsaw) puzzle.

  1. EC204- Analog Integrated Circuits, Total students are grouped into 9 teams and each property of a practical op-amp  is discussed in each team and they submitted the summary of each property. Later the groups are reshuffled in such a way that new group will contain members who discussed one on 9 properties. Then they were allowed to discuss each topic within the group.


Moodle is a free and open-source learning management system (LMS), used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom and other e-learning projects. It is used to augment and move existing learning environments online. As an E-learning tool, Moodle developed a number of features now considered standard for learning management systems, such as a calendar and a gradebook. Moodle is used widely by all subjects to conduct online quizzes, organize and disseminate learning materials.