Faculty Profile

Dr. A J Joshua


Dr. A J Joshua is a multifaceted academic with an ardent interest in the overall development of students and the domain of management education. He possesses 28 years of excellent experience in academics and industry with relevant knowledge and competency in teaching, research and management practice. He possesses proven track record in academics with awards and accolades received from various institutions including ‘Best Teacher Award’ from Federal Institute of Science and Technology in the year 2019 and A++ performance rating from Manipal Institute of Management, Manipal University where he was employed earlier. External evaluator for PhD open defense & viva voce, Manipal University and PhD examiner for Bharathidasan University Thiruchirapalli, Jain University, Bangalore and Srinivas University,Manguluru his research abilities stands well acknowledged. He is also a recognised research guide who been guiding Ph.D scholars and has also produced Ph.Ds for Bharathiar University,Coimbatore. On several occasions he had been invited as guest speaker, session chair and resource person for programmes in prestigious institutions and B- schools including Manipal University, Maharajas College, Ernakulam and so on. He had published several articles in reputed national and international journals which were impactful as proven by their high number of citations. He received his Doctorate in Management from Cochin University of Science and Technology. Prior to his present assignment he was teaching in Manipal Institute of Management, Manipal for about 12 years. He has done his MBA from Pondicherry University and B-Tech from T K M college of Engineering. His areas of research and teaching interests are Services Operations, Retailing, Consumer Behavior and Cross Cultural Management.

Awards and honours

 Vocational Service Excellence Life Time Achievement Award in the received from Rotary ,
Thripunithara Royale, on 30/05/2022 in recognition of serving the student and teaching
community along with serving the society at large.
 ‘Best Teacher Award’ in the year 2019 from Federal Institute of Science and Technology.
 Secured top rating A++ (ranked among the top 20 percentile of faculty) for three successive
years in Manipal University for which cash incentives were received.
 Coordinator of National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board
Sponsored & Organised by Manipal Institute of Management (Technology Based
Entrepreneurship Development Programme).

 Coordinator of SIDBI Sponsored Workshop organized by Manipal Institute of Management,
Manipal University.

 Information from Google Scholar
o Citations – 211
o h-Index – 5
o i10-Index – 4

Memberships in professional bodies:
Life Membership in Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD)


Training undergone:
o Participated in various in-house training program organized by Manipal University, Manipal
o Mentored by and associated with top class management educators such as Dr. Saji Gopinath, CEO, Kerala Startup Mission & Director , IIITM-K, Dr. Simon George, Dean, TAPMI,
Dr. Molly P Koshy , Former Director, SMS, CUSAT, Dr. KVM Varambally, Former Director, SOM,
Manipal and so on.
o Participated in several Faculty Training programs by TAPMI, Manipal
o Attended Faculty Training Program by MDI, Gurgaon
o Took part in Faculty Development Program by IIM Kozhikode

Research & Publications

1. ‘Foreign Exchange Reserves and Stock Market Prices-A Study in Indian Markets’,
International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, Vol 5, 2017-18,
ISSN 2349-5162 (International – Impact Factor 5.87)
2. ‘Rebuilding customer loyalty with consumer electronics extended warranty programs in
Indian organized retail’, M-Infiniti journal of management, Vol.12, Special Issue – 3, pp 76-
81, 2018, ISSN-0793-7197 (International)
3. ‘A study on consumer preference towards purchase of durables extended warranties from
Indian modern retail stores’, Research Review journals, ICCMCT 2018, Special issue, pp 205-
212 (International – Impact Factor 4.184)
4. ‘Management studies: General management risk preferences and demand drivers of
consumer durables extended warranties’ Shanlax International journal of management, Vol
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5. ‘Effectiveness of Product Placement: An Empirical Investigation on Young Moviegoers in
Kerala’, Management of Change: Issues and Developmental perspectives., 2015, ISBN: 978-
93-84869-66-3 (Edited Volume by Manipal University, 2015)
6. ‘Consumer Electronics Extended Warranties Changing Dynamics of Indian Consumer
Electronics Service Contract Liability Insurance- Issues and Challenges’, Management of
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7. ‘Promotion Through Product Placement: Issues and Challenges’, Trends and Challenges in
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8. ‘Technology-Enabled Differentiation in Banking Services Delivery: Strategic Initiatives and
Best Practices’, Perspectives on Emerging International Business Order ISBN: 978-93-80095-
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9. ‘Usage patterns of Electronic Banking Services by Urban Educated Customers: Glimpses from
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11. ‘Attitudes and Behavioural Intentions Towards a Technology Based Self-Service Banking
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14. ‘Expectations and Perceptions of Service Quality in Old and New Generation Banks: a Study
of Select Banks in the South Canara region’, The Indian Journal of Marketing, Vol.35, No. 9,
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15. ‘Relationship Management – A Necessity for Service Organisations’, Research Journal of
Science and Technology. (National)
16. ‘Consumer Electronics and Durables Extended Warranty Service Contracts in Indian
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& Challenges, 2015 ISBN: 978-93-84869-04-5. Edited Volume by FISAT Business School, 2015
17. ‘Job Satisfaction of Engineering college teachers: Before and during COVID19’ in the
International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, communication and Technology,
Volume 10, Issue 1, October 2021
18. Dr A. J. Joshua published a paper in the EPRA International Journal of Research and
Development(IJRD) titled ‘Organisational Support on Work engagement with special
reference to Self Financing Colleges , an ISSN Numbered journal with Impact factor.
19. ‘Impact of globalisation on Gender Equity ‘in the International Journal of All Research,
Education and Scientific Methods, Volume 9, Issue 10, October 2021
20. ‘An assessment of the pioneering gender based human resource constraints that exists
among IT Employees in Kerala‘in the International Journal of research and analytical
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21. ‘Ethicality and acceptability of Product placement: A demographic comparison of
moviegoers in Kerala in International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews on
September 27th, 2021