Faculty Profile

Ms. Ambili A R
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)


Areas of Interests: Speech Processing, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Embedded Systems      

Profile Summary: Ambili A R is a dedicated professional with a B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from the College of Engineering and Technology, Munnar, and an M.Tech in Control and Instrumentation from IIT Madras. Commencing her career as a Lecturer at FISAT in February 2006, she has ascended to the position of Assistant Professor [Senior Grade] at the Federal Institute of Science & Technology. With expertise in various subjects such as Basic Electronics Engineering, Analog Circuits I & II, Electronic Circuits and Devices, Signals and Systems, Linear Integrated Circuits, Applied Electromagnetic Theory, Control Systems, Microcontroller and Applications, and Analog Communication, Ambili is known for her profound teaching skills.

Ambili is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Speech Processing from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, a journey she embarked on in 2018. She actively participates in research activities and holds positions of responsibility such as Student Council Incharge and Electronics Association Incharge. With a keen interest in exploring new avenues in her field, Ambili strives to contribute significantly to the domain of electronics and communication through her academic and research endeavors.


Career Objective: Ambili A R is driven by a career objective to excel in the fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering. With a passion for both team collaboration and individual research endeavors, she aims to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies. Dedicated to showcasing keen interest, determination, and confidence, Ambili is committed to executing all responsibilities entrusted to her in professional teaching, programming, and research.

Educational Qualification

Phd: Doing , Area: Deep Learning based Speech Processing, DR.APJ Abhul Kalam Technological University, Kerala,2018 onwards

MTECH in Control and Instrumentation from IIT Madars in 2014

BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, from College of Engineering ,Munnar under Cochin University,2005


Total Teaching Experience: 17 Years and  5 months

  • Name of the post :     Assistant professor [Senior Grade]

Period                                  :    Nov 2019 to till to date

Department                         :    Electronics and Communication

Institution                           :    FISAT, ANGAMALY


  • Name of the post :     Assistant professor [Special Grade]

Period                                  :    July 2014 to Nov 2019

Department                         :    Electronics and Communication

Institution                           :    FISAT, ANGAMALY


  • Name of the post :     Assistant professor

Period                                  :    July 2010 to Nov 2014

Department                         :    Electronics and Communication

Institution                           :    FISAT, ANGAMALY


  • Name of the post :     Lecturer

Period                                  :    Feb 2006 to Nov 2010

Department                         :    Electronics and Communication

Institution                           :    FISAT, ANGAMALY

Awards and honours

  • Got First Prize in Paper presentation at KETKON 2023 hosted by Dr.APJ Abhul Kalam Technological University
  • Selected as AICTE Swayam NPTEL course Malayalam Translator
  • Appointed as External Auditor by KTU in 2022
  • Recipient of the direct entry to the 5 th edition of Fail Fast or Succeed Program (FFS) by
  • Kerala Start up Mission
  • Selected as best 100 teams/ individual in the idea fest 2022 conducted by Kerala Start up Mission Faculty funding by  Kerala Start up Mission ,July 2022
  • Got Financial Assistance for Innovative Student Project for the project titled”CERETEDETECTRON v2.0 Oct2022
  • Mentor of student of the best project award S8ECE 2018-2022 Batch
  • Judging committe Panel for S8EI ,2018-2022 project Award
  • Secured SECOND PLACE IN KTU PHD ENTRANCE TEST , Competitive Exam,in DEC 2018
  • Secured Elite Grade in NPTEL online exam for three subjects
  • SELCTED as Junior Telecom Officer (JTO),BSNL, GOVT SECTOR JOB in OCT 2009
  • Awarded Rashtrapathy Guide

Administrative & Institutional Support

  • Student Council Incharge, from 2023 onwards
  • Convenor of NBA CRITERIA4 – College and Department
  • In charge of ECHO ,Students Association of ECE
  • Member of PAC,NBA
  • In Charge of Remedial Coordinator from 2021 –till Date
  • Member of internal Research Cell,ECE
  • In charge of Technical Magazine -2019-2022
  • In charge of Department Timetable Committee from 2020-2021
  • Student Discipline incharge  of various Events  at Fisat
  • Mentor for 2020-2022 Admn ,2015-2019 Admn,2016-2020 Admn
  • Member of Antiragging Cell
  • Department level Convenor of Bhartham’22-Arts Fest
  • Lab in Charge :DSP LAB

Co-Curricular Activities /Responsibilities

As part of the subjects events and students association a variety of events were organised

    • Organiser for AGNITIO’22, Technical Fest organised by Electronics and Communication ,FISAT in June 2022 [consisting of 6 various Technical and non Technical Events]
    • Organised Design Project Expo -2023
    • Organised Poster completion for S6 Students
    • Organised various technical and non technical activities under ECHO
    • Mentor for the department placement activities for the 2018-2022 admn[2020-2021]
    • Recourse Person for the Software Testing and automation course conducted as part of AGNITIO’22
    • Faculty Mentor for add-on course of Computer Vision and Image processing for s5 and s6 students ECE in 2022
    • Organised a one day Technical Talk on the title EVOLUTION OF COMPUTER HARDWARE AND OPERATIING SYSTEMS for S2 students
    • Faculty Mentor for Arduino and Robotics course in 2020
    • Organiser for the training programme on “ArduinoBoard and Robotics” for the faculty group organised by FISAT in 14th -15th Decmber 2016
    • Organiser for the training programme on “ArduinoBoard and Robotics” for the students group organised by FISAT in 3rd -6th January 2017
    • Mentor for the faculty group I2P Makers Workshop in 5th to 22nd October 2016 ,conducted by FISAT
    • Organised Dept Expo Major Project Agnitio-2018

Professional body memberships


Research & Publications


  1. A. R. Ambili and R. C. Roy, “The Effect of Synthetic Voice Data Augmentation on Spoken Language Identification on Indian Languages,” in IEEE Access, vol. 11, pp. 102391-102407, 2023, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3316142.(SCI-indexed)


  1. A Comprehensive Review on Speech Spoofing Detection a Journey from Conventional to Deep Learning Methods, Ambili A.R, 2023/6, International Journal of All Research Education and Scientific Method, Volume11,Issue 6, Pages, 2386-2389


Conference Publications

  1. Spoken Language Identification of Indian Languages in Adversarial Synthetic and Noisy Attacking Environments ,AR Ambili, RC Roy, 23-25 June 2022, International Conference on Computing, Communication, Security and Intelligent Systems, (IC3SIS),Publisher ,IEEE 10.1109/IC3SIS54991.2022.9885560 (SCOPUS)
  2. A Multimodal Fusion Approach using Image and Audio for Effective Bird Detection in Agriculture Joshuva Alex Mathews, Sandra Babu,Muhammed Nihal T,Rosemary Thomas,(Student BTech ECE), Ambili A.R , Faulty (ECE), Pankaj Kumar G Faculty(CSE), Dr.Anilkumar M.N Faulty (ECE) Federal Institute of Science and Technology,Angamaly Dr.APJ Abhul kalam Technological University,Ernakualam,India,” at Kerala Technological Conference (KETKON 2024) organized by APJ Abdhul Kalam Technological University
  3. A CNN-Powered Surveillance: A Human Computer Interface for Real-Time Detection of Offensive Malayalam Language Neena J Ukken, Navya Jose, Megha P Chandran,K Sreerag Student BTech (ECE) Ambili A.R Assistant professor(ECE), Dhanya S Assistant Professor (ECE) Federal Institute of Science and Technology,Angamaly Dr.APJ Abhul kalam Technological University,Ernakualam,India, at Kerala Technological Conference (KETKON 2024) organized by APJ Abdhul Kalam Technological University
  4. Multi Tasking Synthetic Speech Detection on Indian Languages,AR Ambili, RC Roy, 2022 International Conference on Innovative Trends in Information Technology ,Publisher IEEE, 10.1109/ICITIIT54346.2022.9744221((SCOPUS)
  5. Comparative Analysis of FUSION- LDA AND FUSION -PCA FOR Facial Recognition, “International Conference on Intelligent Systems Electrical and Communication Technology” (ICISECT-2021) Organized by Department of ECE, EEE, CSE and IT St. Martin’s Engineering College, Dhulapally, Secunderabad, T.S, India on 9 th& 10 th April 2021.
  6. Johnson, J., Ambili, A.R. and Pearlsy, P.V., 2017, August. Motion video KNN-SVD denoising algorithm. In 2017 International Conference on Energy, Communication, Data Analytics and Soft Computing (ICECDS) (pp. 1761-1766). IEEE.( (SCOPUS)
  7. Secure Analog Joint Source Channel Coding for Image Transmission, A Multinational Collogium 2017-Advances in Technology ,engineering and Computing,2017

FDPs/Trainings attended

  1. Attended a 34th Annual Faculty Convention of ISTE Kerala Section and National Seminar on Emerging Technological Trends in the Era of AI,on 20 -01-2024
  2. 1-Week Faculty Development Programme on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Sciences, Cyber Security and its multidisciplinary research applications, 13th March, 2023 to 21st March 2023
  3. One day Summit in the CoreEL EDu Summit -2023 Kochi, held on 9 th November 2023, hosted by CoreEL Technologies in association with Mathworks
  4. FDP on “AI trends and Industry Use Cases: Contemporary and Future” organized by FISAT in association with TCS Kochi from 25th Sep 2023 to 30 Sep 2023
  5. FDP on “Emerging Trends in Additive Manufacturing Technologies”by FISAT from 30th January to 3rd February 2023
  6. IP Awareness/Training program under NATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AWARENESS MISSION on August 18,2023 IP Trainer Name: Mr.J.E. MOSHE DAYAN Organized by Intellectual Property Office, India
  7. International FDP on Advanced Research and Quality Publications by MCA,FISAT from 29th August to 2nd September 2022
  8. “IEEE Authorship Workshop: Tips and Tricks on Writing Research Articles for Journals” organized by the Centre for Research, Ph.D Programme, Bangalore Kengeri Campus, in association with the IEEE Student Branch, School of Engineering and Technology (SoET), CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore, India, on 18th December, 2021.
  10. STTP on 10 DAY PATENT ANALYTICS COURSE, 03-06-2022-12-06-2022, TURNIP
  11. STTP on Data Analytics and Machine Learning in AmalJyothi College of Engineering,in 3-8 August 2020
  12. FDP on Mathematics for DataScience, in MITS,Varikkoli,in 10-14 August 2020
  13. CousEra course on Deeplearning and nureal network,on DeeplLearning and nureal network in 1 month,Feb28, 2020
  14. FDP on Machine Learning and Optimisation Ahalia College of Engineering ,Palakkad in22-27 Feb,2021
  15. Hands on Training on Android application development for beginners in St.Thomas Institute of Science and Technology ,Trivandrum in 10/12/2021-14/12/2021
  16. FDP on “Raspberry Pi with Open CV”, in SNGIST Group of Institutions ,North Paravur, 22nd-23rd December 2016
  17. Two Week ISTE STTP on CMOS, Mixed Siganl frequency VLSI Design, IIT,Kharagpur, 30th-4th February 2017
  18. Workshop on Digital Fabrication Techniques FISAT, 15th-21st September 2017
  19. National Conference on Recent Trends in VLSI, Communiaction Engineering, ASIET, 4th-5th may 2018
  20. Five day FDP on Machine Learning in FISAT, 23rd-27th july 2018
  21. Five Day FDP on Robotics and IOT –A promise to the Modern Era, FISAT,Angamali, 16th-20th July 2018
  22. Five day FDP on Industry 4.0 Current Research Trends and Challenges in MITS, 27th-31st May 2019
  23. One Day FDP on IOT-Trends and Challenges “FISAT, 4th December 2018

Workshops Attended


  • Hands on Training CPU and GPU Parallel Computing at IITM in 2021
  • Workshop on “AI Deployment on Nvidia Jetson using MATLAB & Simulink”organised under RUSA 2.0 Major Project T4N on 16 November 2023 in association with SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING COCHIN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY KOCHI, 682022, Division of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Hands on Training on Fundamentals of Deep Learning at IITM in 2021
  • ANDROID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT FOR BEGINNERS at THOMAS Institute for Science and Technology, Trivandrum in 2021
  • 10 –Day Online workshop programme on LaTex organised by ICFOSS ,Tivandrum 2021
  • 10 –Day Patent Analytics course conducted by Turnip in 2022
  • 10-days short-term course on “Advancements in Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (ASPAIH)” in organised by IIIT Kanchepuram in 2021
  • One Week International Workshop on Recent Advancement on Electronics and Computer Intelligence. (RAECI -2021) organized by the Department of Electronics and CSE&A, Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology (SUIIT), Burla , Odisha, INDIA.
  • Short Term Training Programme on Data Analytics and Machine Learning organised by Amal Jyothy College of Engineering in 2020
  • Six day STTP on Python Programming and Machine learning Basics, in Sahradya ,Kodakara, 9th-14thJuly 2018
  • Makers Workshop in FISAT , FISAT centre for innovation incubation and entrepreneurship, 20 th July to 30thJuly 2018

Courses done


  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning offered by CourseEra in Feb 2021
  • Professional Certificate Prepaid: Google IT Automation with Python authorised by Google offered by CourseEra in July 2022
  • Python for Everybody – 5 specialisation course offered by CourseEra : Currently Doing
  • Digital Speech processing in June 2021 ,Udemy


NPTEL Course

    • Secured on Nptel Course on Introduction to Programming in C in IIT,Kanpur, July-Sep 2017(8 Week Course)
    • Secured on Nptel Course on Stress Management in IIT,Kharagpur in Sep-Oct 2016
    • Secured Nptel Course on Analog Communiaction, IIT,Khargpur, July –Oct 2017(12 Week)
    • Nptel Course on Microprocessor and Microcontrollers, IIT,Kharagpur in Jan –Apr 2018(12 Weeks

Resource Person

  • Resource person for the training programme on “ArduinoBoard and Robotics” 14th -15th Decmber 2016,FISAT, Angamaly
  • Resource person for the training programme on “ArduinoBoard and Robotics” 3rd -6th January 2017, FISAT, Angamaly
  • Judging Panel of AI Spark Hackathon on Artificial Intelligence hosted as part of 34 th Annual Faculty Convention of ISTE Kerala Section ,2024
  • Judging committe Panel for S8EI ,2018-2022 Major Project Expo
  • Resource Person for a talk on SOFT-TEST ,an Introduction to Software Testing,hosted by Dept.of ECE,FISAT as part of the AGNITIO 2022

Projects Guided

Projects Guided:

  • BTech Projects Guided:47
  • MTech Projects Guided:5

Own Projects

  1. Develop a Internet Banking[Based on Java 2.0,Servlets] .The duration of the project is 6 Months
  2. Design and Develop 2D DCT architecture using shift register based transposition in FPGA. The duration of the project is 4 Months.
  3. To Locate metal shrapnel in human body [ATXMEGA 128 A1 U EMBEDDED PART]. The duration of the project is 6 Months.
  4. Developed the automated system for imageless evaluation for arterial compliance (Using HAAR Wavelets ) in 2013 (6 month).
  5. Developed the Real Time Image Compression using [DSP Processor ADSP 21061] .(6 Months Duration)
  6. Designed and Developed a Tele Remote System . The duration of the project is 3 Months.

Some Project Titles

MTech Titles

Area :Image Processing:

  3. Motion Video KNN-SVD Denoising Algorithm,2017
  4. Secure Anolog Joint source channel source coding for image transmission,2017

B.Tech Titles

I.Deep Learning based Projects

a)Speech Based Projects

  • Voice based Emotion classification
  • Suraksha Device- speech Emotion Recognition
  • A CNN-Powered Surveillance: A Human Computer Interface for Real-Time Detection of Offensive Language
  • A Multimodal Fusion Approach using Image and Audio for Effective Bird Detection in Agriculture,

b)Image based

  • Embedded device for ISL sign Language Classification,

Sign Language classificationDog breed classification,

Projects Models are developed for the college as part of the student project in 2017-2018

II.Image Processing


III.Speech Processing


IV.NLP based Projects

  • CERTEDETECTRonV 2.0:An automated system for Certificate Classification using deep Leaning,2021
  • CERTEDETE:An automated system for certificate classification using Machine learning,2020

V.Embedded system based

  • GIFTEE-STRING-EMBEDDART: To demonstrate the applicability of our approach by generating and fabricating a set of real string art images,2022

Courses offered


Foundations of Data Science


S3  :Pattern recognition

S2  :Image and Video Processing

S2  : Communication System Design



  • S1and S2 : Introduction to Electronics, Introduction to Programming in C
  • S3 and S4: Electronic Circuit-I , Solid State Devices, Analog Circuit, Linear  Integrated  Circuits, Signals and systems, Data Communication Techniques, Analog Communication
  • S5 and S6: DSP, Electromagnetic Theory, Antenna and wave propagation, Digital communication Techniques, Control Systems, Microprocessor and Controller and applications, VLSI,
  • S7 and S8: Data Acquisition and Communication ,Computer Network,Entreprenurship,Machine Learning




Google Scholar ID: 1uknL7gAAAAJ


Phone No:91-9446141410