E-library Remote Access/Mobile Library

6.2.7 e-library Remote Access/ Mobile Library

Dear Faculty Members, Students & Research Scholars,

Access to FISAT e-Library is Live!!!

The FISAT library has purchased an e Library platform (Knimbus) that allows users to access digital library resources (e Journals and e Books) from any location on the planet. This service will be available through a computer, a laptop, and a smartphone. Knimbus is a powerful search engine. Users can now perform a single-point search across multiple resources and access the library at any time, from any location, and using any device. Knimbus has assisted us in supporting our users, meeting their needs, and ensuring that our library’s e-resources are used for research and learning on a daily basis throughout this pandemic crisis.

Please click on the link below and further explore the resources:

After you’ve registered as a student or faculty member, you can log in using your registered e-mail ID and the default password: user@knimbus, which you can change after the first login.

Self-registration is available for those who have not yet done so. Please go to the above link and click the Sign In option to create/register your new user account.

After registering an account, Central Library must provide access authorization to check that the registered users are genuine Library members.

In order to activate/ authorise their account, Faculty, Research Scholars, and Students must submit an email to librarian@fisat.ac.in using the following easy format:


EMP Department: 

Code / Admission No:

A welcome email will be sent to you once your account has been approved.

The mLibrary mobile app puts eLearning and multimedia at your fingertips. It lets you carry a full FISAT e-library in your pocket. The mLibrary Mobile eLibrary App offers users a multi-format, content delivery App that allows them to consume eBook collections, the most recent journal issues, and multimedia instructional content. Patrons can use their smartphones to access the entire library at any time and from any location. Knimbus has both an Android and an iOS app. You’ll need a smartphone with internet access to use the Mobile App.