Centre for Automotive and Allied Research (CAAR):

The Centre for Automotive and Allied Research is established with a view to set up state of the art research and testing facilities in automobile field and to create engineers with global competencies. Research at both faculty and student level addresses problems in different fields of engineering.

The centre provides ample opportunities for students to participate in various research achievements.

Some of the modern facilities available at the centre are,

  • CNC lathe (Production Version)
  •  PUC machines for both Diesel and Petrol engines,
  • Engine test rigs.

Several academic projects in the domain focusing on Shift assist and Ergonomics has been done in the centre.

2. Centre for Advanced Computational Research (CACR):

Centre for advanced computational research is a dedicated advanced computational facility for supporting student projects. CACR helps the students and research scholars to have enhanced learning in the areas of Structural analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics while leaving the doors of consultancy wide open for the faculty.


It comprises 5 advanced systems (4 Intel Xeon processor and 1 AMD Ryzen thread ripper processor) and different modelling and computational software

  •  Abaqus 6.13
  •  CREO 2
  •  AutoCAD 2019
  • OpenFOAM
  • Octave
  • Scilab

All the systems can run round the clock for numerical simulations and are provided with NVME2 SSD card and Graphic Processing Units.