(A) Paper publications (Year 2021- SCIE Indexed only) 

A total of 7 SCIE indexed papers with IF have been published with affiliation as FISAT. 

Paper title  Authors  Journal/ Publisher  ISSN  IF
A machine learning based framework for assisting  pathologists in grading and counting of breast cancer cells Dr. Jestin Joy (CSE) ICT Express/ Korean Institute of  Communications and Information  Sciences (KICS) 2405-9595  4.317
SignText: a web-based tool for providing accessible text  book contents for Deaf learners Dr. Jestin Joy (CSE) Universal Access in the Information  Society/ Springer  1615-5289  3.078
Synthesis and study of evolutionary optimised sensor  linearisation with translinear& FPGA circuits Mr. Noble G 


International Journal of Electronics/ Taylor & Francis  1362-3060  1.336
Investigations into the Development of a Mycelium  Biocomposite to Substitute Polystyrene in Packaging  Applications Dr. Rejeesh C  R(ME) Arabian Journal for Science and  Engineering/ Springer  2191-4281  2.334
Optimization Assisted Convolutional Neural Network for  Sentiment Analysis with Weighted Holoentropy-based  Features Hema  


International Journal of Information  Technology & Decision Making/ World Scientific 1793-6845  2.22
Weighted holoentropy-based features with optimised deep  belief network for automatic sentiment analysis: reviewing  product tweets Hema  


Journal of Experimental and  

theoretical artificial intelligence/ Taylor & Francis

13623079,  0952813X  2.340
Deep Learning Based Capsule Neural Network Model for  Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using Mammogram Images Dr. Paul P  


Interdisciplinary Sciences:  

Computational Life Sciences/ Springer

1913-2751 / 1867-1462 2.233