Grants and Funded Projects

Grants received from Government and non-governmental agencies for research projects, sponsored events during Calendar Year 2021 

CRC FISAT monitors and informs faculty members about possible funding opportunities.  A total of 8,54,798/- Rs has been received/sanctioned for the calendar year 2020 with nominal support from CRC FISAT. 

Item  Amount 
Research Seed Money  3,30,000/- 
KTU Student Project  73,000/- 
KSCSTE Student Project  1,28,000/- 
KTU Funded FDP  1,88,798/- 
AICTE Grant for Organizing Conference  50,000/- 
Prize money from Project competitions  85,000/- 
Total  8,54,798/- 

(i) Research Seed Money 2021 

A sum total of 3,30,000/- Rs has been sanctioned. 



Dept.  Principal Investigator  Project title 

Sanctioned Funds 

1  CE  Panjami K 

Assistant Professor 

Mapping of soil piping susceptible areas using integrated geophysical approach.  1,75,000/- 
2  S & H  Dr. Sona Narayanan Assistant Professor   Development of Thiophene based Copolymers for Photovoltaic Applications   75,000/- 
3  CSE  Dr. Jestin Joy* 

Assistant Professor 

Investigating the effectiveness of gesture based learning framework for deaf student  80,000/- 


(ii) KTU Student Project 

A sum total of 73,000/- Rs has been sanctioned. 



Principal Investigator  Student Team  Project title 

Sanctioned Funds 

1  Dr. Rejeesh C R 

Associate Professor, ME 

  1. Basil Sunny Alukka 
  2. Issac Paul 
Physio-Mechanical characterization of light weight composite pavement tiles made from recycled expanded polystyrene  30,000/- 
2  Mr. Noble G 

Assistant professor, ECE 

  1. Meera R 
  2. Jona Elsa Joy 
  3. Upanya U Pai 
  4. Sanjana Joshy 
Fast walk through gateway  23,000/- 
3  Mr. MuhamedNoufal C Assistant Professor, EEE 
  1. Daniel Sunny 
  2. Delwin D Arickal 
  3. JeromJoyan 
  4. Krishna Prasad N 
Design and development of a low-cost home automation switch  15,000/- 
4  Dr. Jestin Joy 

Assistant Professor, CSE 

  1. Anupriya Dominic 
  2. Betty Perumayan 
  3. Dharwish Raj 
  4. Haneena Mohamed 
Investigating the accessibility of University websites in the state of Kerala  5000/- 

(iii) KTU Funded FDP for AY 2020-21 

Bills for a total of 1,88,798 Rs has been submitted to KTU. Sanctioned full funding for 3 Faculty Development Programmes for the academic year 2020-21 



Dates  Title of the Programme  Coordinators  Sanctioned Funds 


1  22-7-21 to 28-7-21  Power converters: An embedded systems based approach  Surya Natarajan, 

Muhammed Noufal C 

58,098  EEE 
2  21-06-21 to 26-06-21  Construction Industry – Present and Future Trends  Dr. Asha Joseph,  Dr. UnniKartha G  89,250  CE 
3  21-07-21 to 23-07-21  Emerging Trends in Advanced 

Production and Industrial Engineering 

Dr. Rejeesh C R  41,450  ME 

(iv) KSCSTE Student Project 

A sum total of 1,28,000/- Rs has been sanctioned. 

Sl. Principal 

No Dept Title of the Proposal Investigator (PI) Funds (₹) 

Estimating Landslide Risk Management Index for Nilambur 

  • CE Mr. Jawahar Saud S 10000/- 

Taluk, Kerala using Analytic Hierarchy Process – A case study  

Change Detection of Land Use Land Cover in Puzhakkal river 

  • CE Ms. Rinu J. Achison 10000/- basin  
3  CE  Recycled Plastic Laminate as a Sustainable Alternative to Wooden Lightweight Flexural Element   Dr. Kavitha P. E.  10000/- 
4  CSE  Fully Convolutional Networks for Weed Detection   Mrs. Merin Cherian  8000 /- 
5  CSE  Artificial Intelligence Technique for Gene Expression by Tumor RNA-Seq Data   Dr. Prasad J C  10000/- 
6  EEE  Realization of bidirectional DC-DC converters for EV application using wide band gap power devices.   Dr. Surya Susan Alex  10000/- 
7  EEE  Design and development of a two-phase buck converter for low power applications   Dr. Parvathy R  10000/- 
8  EEE  Design and development of an experimental setup on the study of PV panels   Mr. MuhamedNoufal C  10000/- 
9  ECE  Contactless UI control for lifts   Mrs. Manju C P  10000/- 
10  ECE  Hospital sanitizing robot   Mr. ANOOP E G  10000/- 
11  ECE  Face Mask Detection System   Mr. Noble G  10000/- 
12  ME  Development of lightweight composite pavement tiles made from recycled Expanded Polystyrene   Dr. Rejeesh C R  10000/- 
13  ME  Weldment Corrosion Analysis of Austenitic Stainless Steel   Mr. Harish T M  10000/- 

(v) Prize money from Project competitions 



Date  Project title  Organizing Agency/Title of the Programme  Mentor 

Prize money 

1  Feb 11, 12 & 13, 2021  IoT based micro environment monitoring and management of greenhouses.  2nd prize at Vaiga Agri Hack 


Ms. Sreevidya P (EIE)  75,000 
2  September 2021  Parametric study of mechanically stabilized earth wall using GEO 5  1st prize, All Kerala civil engineering project competition “pro Comp 2020-21” atAISAT, Kalamassery.  Ms. Panjami K (CE)  10,000 

(vi) AICTE Grant for Organizing Conference Sanctioned 



Date  Funding Agency  Title of the Programme  Coordinators  Sanctioned Funds 


1  22/04/21 to 23/04/21  AICTE  i-SMART 2021 

International Conference 

Dr. Rejeesh CR Dr. Midhun Paul  50,000  ME