Counselling Services

Each learner is valuable. Because education relates to a student’s overall development, the counselling cell serves as a facilitator. While good manners are praised, young minds frequently require direction to refine their personalities.

The importance of guidance and counselling in a student’s life cannot be overstated. Colleges, we believe, play a critical role in bringing out the best in students. In addition to their education, FISAT focuses a strong emphasis on a student’s mental health.

Counseling is provided to students to help them manage and deal with emotional conflicts and personal concerns. Students are given appropriate support in dealing with psychological concerns that could otherwise have a negative impact on their academic achievement. Counseling will also help individuals integrate crucial lessons into their everyday life. With the correct support, students will be able to acquire unique problem-solving abilities, allowing them to deal with challenges  in their lives.

The work of the counselling cell is becoming increasingly significant in today’s changing environment. Teachers have taken a proactive and aware attitude to dealing with students’ problems on campus. They go over and above when it comes to mentoring and inspiring students, as well as identifying their inner strengths. On campus, a full-time Clinical Psychologist heads the Counselling Cell’s activities. The cell’s mission is to reach out to students and provide support for their well-being.