Mentoring System

Mentoring system (Group advisory system)  has a pivotal role in the student support systems of FISAT. To assist and mould the pupils, an excellent mentorship system is being created at the individual level. A mentor (group advisor) has been appointed to each group of 20 students. A student can consult their mentor at any moment regarding any academic or non-academic concern. The mentor meets with this group of twenty students on a regular basis, ensuring that they receive competent guidance on all issues. If necessary, mentors may advise students to seek more advanced counselling.

The mentor monitors the academic performance of each of the twenty students in the group and assists those who need extra help by proposing appropriate activities to improve their grades, often with the support of their parents. Mentors also keep a close eye on the students under their care and keep in touch with their parents on a regular basis.

Mentors encourage students to develop a positive attitude toward life and inspire them to grow into socially committed individuals by encouraging them to  take part in a number of socially beneficial activities both on and off campus. Along with the placement and training cell’s activities,  mentors also provide career assistance and  help students get campus placements and advance their careers.