TEDxFISAT is a full-day event being curated by the students and faculty of the Federal Institute of Science And Technology, in the FISAT campus in Angamaly. The event brought together intelligent minds (10 speakers and 3 performers) to give talks and presentations that are focused on powerful ideas, on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder. With the theme “Breathtaking Disarray” the event shared a platform for volatile ideas across temporal and spatial barriers.




With the theme “Refashioning the Elementary” TEDx FISAT envisages a second edition of TED Talks in February 2020. The logo was released by the Chairman on 04-11-2019 and no stone is left unturned in pursuit of seeking the expanding borders of knowledge, reinventing and refashioning the contemporary.

TED x FISAT 2018

Student In Charge – Sri Ram Sankar (S8MEC)

Report – Aiswarya Arun (S6 EC )

In the early months of 2018, Sri Ram Sankar with a few students had been busy with licensing procedures for the first TEDx event that was to be held at FISAT, the preparations for which began in the early months of April. After procurement of licence through TED licencing procedures, students sacrificed hours during their annual vacations to spend time researching about TED talks, their nature, their genre, their quality and the demand it imposes on us if we were to conduct a TEDx event. We were guided by Dr. Molly Joseph during every stage of production.
Curation sessions were held every day for around a month where we held discussions of choice TED talks, their speech structure and the rhetorics behind it in an attempt to raise skills of curation volunteers who would work with the speakers on their speeches in the future. Besides curation, every other team, Production, Sponsorship, Design, Website, Logistics, Event Management, Registrations were in full swing, working hard to coordinate the event. During the months of August and July, sessions were coordinated during the evening hours of classes.

On September 29, 2018, the TEDx community joined forces for the TEDxGlobalDay celebrations. Together with their teams, and virtually with teams all over the globe, we spent the day focusing on the problems most urgent to their community—first by discussing potential solutions and then by participating in action, locally. The day was commemorated with an informal session including motivating talks followed by a visit to the local Old Age Home in Mookkannoor.

On October 16th 2018, it was showtime. We conducted TEDxFISAT graced by eminent personalities like Astrophysicist Dr.Anand Narayanan, Contemporary dance guru Arunima Gupta, Entrepreneur and Tech Giant owner TNM Jawad, Musician and Traveller Valerian MacRabbit, Social Entrepreneur Jayasankar SS, Student and activist DevikaSajeev, Academician Swaminathan Pillai, Indologist Anand Narayanan, Educator KarthikKeshav and Social worker Minu Pauline.. The day was a perfect culmination of all of our efforts playing out on the stage and that was a proud moment for each and every volunteer, no matter the responsibility undertaken. To have conducted a TEDx event, which is synonymous to being a catalyst for spreading good ideas is indeed an achievement for FISAT and it’s community.


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